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@minipato: @pyrodactyl: You do know @smcn said that the person Samantha was supporting, Maddy Myers, was «in terms of writing credentials is as qualified as Dan if not more so»?

How do you measure those? I can see that Dan has 4 books published and available on Amazon, as well as his writing for Game Informer magasine.

LMAO you're counting Air Force Gator 1 and 2 amongst those 4 books man come on now

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People just need to learn to stop following the twitter accounts of people they don't agree with. When certain journalists start throwing shade, throwing shade, if not straight hatred, back at them will not solve anything. Just let them be and do your own thing. The only people that had the right to respond to the disrespectful stuff first lobbed at GB were the GB crew; they decided to take it in stride and that should have been the end of it. Fighting misdirected anger with hot rage is fucking stupid and shameful.

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@eder There are a lot of locked threads about this, go read through them. This thread is just to celebrate those Vidya games the kids are talking about

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Lots of crazy shit going on in the internet today and it's just plain nasty on every degree. So while we wait for all this to blow over, let's remember why we're here: DESE VIDEO GAMES

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What happened? I'm totally out of the loop on this

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Is Richie Shoemaker related to Brad?

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How good is the Mac port of the game? (Running on a rMBP 2012)

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Both the first and second Witcher games are on sale on the Steam store and I wanted to know how well they ran on OS X. Has anyone here played either of The Witcher games on OSX? How good are the ports?

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This is exactly what she wants, more people talking about her and her videos. Stop paying her attention and everyone will be happy

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This depresses the shit out of me