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I'm on the first mission with franklin, I just delivered the car and Im going back home. But the HUD disappeared and I can't trigger the mission. Like the map in the pause screen is working but my HUD disappeared and there's no checkpoint. My copy of GTA Vis not connected to the internet, could that be why it's not working?

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Are there any plans for a big live live show this year? Hiatus?

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Are there any plans for a big live live show this year? Hiatus?

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If I'm not too late, I'm down

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I don't want to watch a Beverly Hills Cop that's not rated R

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In the podcast, the guys mentioned a QVC-like show Gamespot did, does anyone have a youtube link to it?

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Very well written although I'll slightly disagree with the piracy on the Xbox 360 aspect. There are a sizable amount of people in my college that mod or get their consoles modded for them; it's not at all the norm but it happens frequently enough.

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@fierrze said:

If EA would stop publishing games that have guns. Whoa.

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Welp, looks like we have a winner for GB's game of the year!

Calm down there buddy, we're talking about a game from a new publisher based on DLC that's taking a year less than its predecessor to develop. It may well be as good, if not better than Saints Row 3, but this "sizzle" trailer should not be the lynchpin for you to believe that. It's a video with extremely selective editing and what seems like minimally updated grpahics and textures. Hold your horseys.

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