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@XChairmanDrekX: ie, the Dragon Ball Z theory. Seriously, DBZ perfected Time Travel 15 years ago

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Maybe patrick forgot?

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Hey guys. I've been running a blog on tumblr for a while now and I wanted to get like a hit counter that would measure how many people are viewing my blog and when they're doing it. Google, however, has done nothing but link me to really shady-looking websites that I do not trust a great deal. Can anyone help me out here

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@Mustachio said:

You can also use a USB drive to store your profile for a quick login on other 360's, especially if your internet is slow.

Will that be in the system settings tab?

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My cousin just got a new 360 and wants to know if we can both use gamertags while playing multiplayer locally. I've seen in quick looks that the guys can use their actual gamertags on work 360s and their home 360. How do I do this?

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Hmm, that's fucking weird. I'm currently on the xbox live gold free trial, could that have anything to do with it? I don't know, I'm grasping at straws at this point. Only other thing I can think of is that my I'm connecting to live through my laptop's wifi, but again, grasping at straws. Does every multiplayer mode in Halo 4 support local co-op multiplayer?

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I just got Halo 4 and everyone on my dorm was psyched to play it. However, when I booted up the multiplayer, I couldn't bring anyone else with me into an online match. I haven't played online shooters for a long time, but I distinctly remember having a person sign in as a guest with a second controller and play Halo 3 with me online in a casual match against random people on the internet. Can I do that on Halo 4 or am I just boned? And are there any online options if you have people signed in as guests? Online co-op, spartan ops, etc?

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And I'm jonesing to get into a strip club. Anyone know about places 18 year olds can get into strip clubs in the NYC area?

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@Jazzycola said:

@brainboy77 said:

The Wire is another stratosphere above these shows. Stop being an idiot and start watching the greatest form of television ever produced.

I'd have to disagree. The first half of the first season of The Wire is a slog and the last season kind of sucks with the exception of the series finale. Firefly is a great scifi show and Breaking Bad's writing and direction is above The Wire, in my opinion. But I'd put them at the top of their respective genres.

Edit: Woops, I thought the third show was breaking bad not walking dead. My bad disregard last statement. Walking Dead is no where near the quality of The Wire. Entertaining yes but great no.

The Wire goes to places that no show has ever even come close to reaching, in that The Wire existed on a major level to educate its viewers rather than purely entertain. I love Breaking Bad, it's my second favorite show of all time, but you are out of it if you think that the weight of the actions of Walter White match the weight of the actions of all the characters in The Wire. I also vehmently disagree with the assessment on the first season; there's a lot of information to set up the world and it's really hard to do it any other way. You have to let go of any inhibitions and just watch. The fifth season is perfectly fine, I don't understand the hate, and the middle three seasons are the best seasons of television ever produced. Period.

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The Wire is another stratosphere above these shows. Stop being an idiot and start watching the greatest form of television ever produced.