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This game's page needs to be renamed to it's new title: "Rift: Planes of Telara"... not sure how to go about doing so with the editing tools.

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Yeah, both me and my friend never had that song play for us. :(

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Will this eventually be available for everyone to get somehow?  I can't say I'm a fan of all these "exclusive" items locked on my disc...

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Add me, I'm down for that: Dildungle

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Yeah, I've had noticeably slow video playback at home and at work for the past week or so.  I even knocked it down to Medium quality, doesn't seem to help at all.
Comcast in SF bay area at home... not sure what they use at work.

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@LRP21 said:
" I'm starting to feel like i'm in the gfaqs board lol, usually people are very helpful here "
Heh, awe, i was just trying to be silly.  As for what killed the bird, I think it's open to your interpretation, but I choose to think he killed the bird.  Maybe not on purpose, not necessarily with malicious intent, but I think he killed it nonetheless.  Your reaction to that as a father might be different, but I'd probably have done the same thing.  I comforted him, not necessarily confronting him with the question whether or not he killed it just then.
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Are you saying birds don't have skin?

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I glanced at this list before I had finished the game (I know, i know, shame on me). Thinking, "What the heck does Shelby do to piss off Lauren so much in all these peoples' games?  I kind of like their relationship, how she tags along with him as his sidekick.  Plucky hooker ex-mother and weathered P.I. with true grit."  Then I got to play again later that night, and now I'm thinking, "Oh, yeah, that."