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And for the record, I don't think you're being a snob. While this is a great game on so many levels, it's seems almost futile to point out the shoddy accents, or really what it is, the mispronunciation of every few words so often.  But that's enough to pull people out of the immersion of game, and I could argue that this game, more than most, requires some deal of personal immersion to enjoy.  They're going for realism in almost every other aspect of the game (ARI-power-glove what?), why not the accents?

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I'm glad none of the English voice actors ever had to say the word "focus", because, man, that composer in the bonus music documentary sure has an interesting pronunciation.

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@IndexChaos42, @destruktive
I think you're onto something!  Let's go!!!!

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Everyone's speaking with American accents, or trying to at least.  But they do little things, like numbering the Motel floors as they do in England/Europe which makes me wonder.

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In the crawl-space tunnels at the power plant, you're supposed to light the matches to find your way towards the "fresh air" coming from the exit.  I'd imagine that fresh air would be blowing the flame away from the source since it is causing a breeze, but apparently the game designers envision a match burning towards the fresh air... because that's where the oxygen is?  I'm sorry, but matches don't quite work that way spent about 5 minutes turning around and around before I realized it was the opposite way I was expecting, with the match flame pointing towards the intended direction.  Anyone else find this odd?

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I fixed it by clicking on the down arrow to the right of the ABP "stop sign" on the upper right hand of the browser, and selecting "Disable on".
Hit F5 to refresh the page in the browser, make sure "streaming" is selected for the video type and it worked fine after that.  Windows XP, latest version of Firefox, Sophos (anti-virus)

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lol, Dave, I love how you deal with some if these insane people.  The site is awesome, I'd love to be able to subscribe at some point, but until then, I'll support you guys however I can!

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Can you please offer a pay version of your site so I can avoid ads and still watch your videos?

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 Does anyone else have an issue with how this game is mixed?  I've had to set the Voice to 5, Sound FX to 8, and Music to 10 to get a mix which sounds good when I play the game as loud as I want.  Even then, there are some sequences like the dialogue about the Conspirators which BLASTS out of the speakers... I'm assuming that audio isn't tied to any of the values in the options menu.  Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone else turned down the voices a bit and found it to be as auditorily rewarding as I have.  
I'm kind of surprised the game shipped with the mix as out of whack and inconsistent as it is.