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@nanikore said:

" @walter_sobchak said:

" I'm guessing this is "as designed" I've been looking for more people talking about how ad-heavy Giant Bomb has become lately. "

"ad-heavy"? Are you kidding? Compared to or Gamespot, Giantbomb is the opposite of ad-heavy. "
I mean ad-heavy compared to what this site used to be like.  Again, I have no problem with the ads, I just hope they offer me a pay service so I can get a version of the site without them.  This is why I rarelypost on any forum.  People always manage to pick one word or phrase out of context and warp the original intent of the statement.  Go misread and derail some other topic please.
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i meant for batman, which was playing for the past few days, not the new ODST trailers :)

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I'm guessing this is "as designed"
I've been looking for more people talking about how ad-heavy Giant Bomb has become lately.  Everyone seems ok with that.  Don't get me wrong, these guys deserve every penny they can make for all their hard work and the entertainment they provide on a daily basis.  I just want to know if there will be a subscription service so I can pay $$ and not have to watch an ad for a game I already own and have been playing the poop out of lately.  
I guess I have to keep perusing the forums and listening to Bombcasts to see if anyone else is asking the same questions I am.

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Does this have a definite release date besides "Summer 09" yet?

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Does anyone know when "in June" this game comes out?  Also, will it be distributed through normal channels, or do I need to special order it?

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Yeah, I'm not going to exploit it.  I think just doing blacksmithing for a couple hours isn't really breaking the game.

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Yeah Pibo47, see Jayge's post about that (third one in this thread). 

And I don't feel like messing with my 360 clock, though there are threads in the official forum which tell you exactly how to exploit that.

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MB said:
"Mark it zero, dude."
I'ts a league game, Smokey.