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Imagine if the guy who did Blood Dragon was in charge.

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Good for him.

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Came here for the banana image. Wasn't disappointed.

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Great write up, Patrick. I too think the game's difficulty is too often overstated. It's only difficult compared to the hand-holding trend in most modern games. It's on par with some of the 80s and 90s RPGs otherwise.

There is so much more that the game offers than a great challenge. I love the world and the lore, even though I was fucking baffled on my first playthrough because I ignored reading item descriptions. Now, five times through, I've pretty much got it all figured out. =)

I watched all of your streams, and your competency and ability to quickly learn new concepts was really impressive. I remember watching you take on the Gaping Dragon, and thinking to myself: "Yeah, he'll have no trouble with this game." I don't think you're an exceptional player, but you did get over the game's hurdles much faster than others I've seen, including myself.

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Totally surprised by his #1!

Also "I feel like the people who pick at BioShock Infinite's various paradoxes probably aren't much fun to be around." Indirectly calling Brad and Patrick out. Love it =)

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This is some stupid shit and I hope it gets sorted before the Internet becomes an even more difficult place to tolerate.

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Game did nothing for me. Loved the animation though.

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@august said:

Jeff has rehosted the ndx here.

I thought the legend of Rick "The Ricker" Peterson had died. Thank you Jeff.

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I really, really tried to get into the first Devil Survivor and just couldn't. Everything but the actual combat annoyed the piss out of me. Good luck to fans of the series though!