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Obviously the characters are annoying, not evil. Since it's just a fictional video game, it's fine to wish bad things happen to people that annoy you in it. I also feel like a lot of you are ignoring the reality-TV-style intro shots of the characters, which probably contributed heavily to the instant dislike.

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@Wandering_Idiot: Karateka was 'never meant to be cartoony'? Are you Jordan Mechner or are you just extrapolating from absurdly low-res, low-color-count screenshots of the original game?

Based on having played the original game. The proportions were realistic, it used rotoscoped animation, and the interface was fairly minimalist. Even the box art was done in a photorealistic style. There was nothing cartoony or exaggerated about it.

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I'll save everyone the trouble: THAT FUCKING BIRD!

Also, this looks terrible. Karateka was never meant to be cartoony, so the whole vibe is way off from the get-go. Maybe it'll actually do something interesting gameplay-wise, but I have my doubts.

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@Wandering_Idiot: I can't imagine you got that frustrated by my very, very mellow post; I'm sorry I'm not a fan of your favorite game ever...but I maintain it's possible that it's just not "fun" for every person on Earth. I don't even think I said anything negative about it. Holy shit.

I don't even play it that much any more, it's just a really stupid complaint that gets brought up any time anyone mentions the game.

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I just...don't get it. I never have. The idea of "here's a world, do whatever" is either too free-form or too restrictive (??) to me.

Oh for god's sake, people keep saying this whenever Minecraft comes up, despite the fact that the game's mechanics make it extremely easy to set goals that will keep you playing and interacting with the various systems for a long time. Here, let me help you and the various other "befuddled by the appeal of Minecraft" people out since you're either too lazy to bother learning anything about the game before dismissing it or too unimaginative to find anything to do in it without explicit instructions.


1. Build a decent-looking house/base/bunker.

2. Make a complete set of diamond armor.

3. Get to the Nether.

There, that's probably like 10 hours right there your first time out, for reasons having to do with the interlocking gameplay systems (building a Nether portal requires large amounts of obsidian, which is mostly deep underground, requiring you to fight monsters to bring it out, requiring more basic armor and weapons that you'll have to gather the materials for to survive, food that you'll need to farm or hunt for, diamonds for the special pickaxe to mine the obsidian, etc.) There are more complex goals that could be set requiring you to do more things involving farming, crafting, potions, etc. but that's just to get started. The game has an achievements system now, I haven't paid much attention to it but trying to get them all would presumably satisfy anyone who absolutely needs their goals fed to them by the game itself.

Yes, you'll need the wiki (or at least this page) to play the PC version. It's a fact, get over it.

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Skyrim with crappier graphics and animations, badly scaled environments, terrible clipping issues, even more repetitive quests, and idiots spamming the chat? Sign me up!

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so the next time i go to a movie and dont like the ending ill just ask for my money back... yeah.. right...

I'm... pretty sure you can? Whether they honor it probably depends on the chain and the manager on duty, but it's not unheard of.

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A lot of people think Skyrim shouldn't be considered because of the PS3 version having so many problems [...]

Yes, but people who think that are stupid. It's not that hard; the 360/PC versions of Skyrim are eligible for GotY, the PS3 version isn't. There, done.

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By being somehow the most popular comic book website out there.

Pretty sure that's actually ComicsAlliance (who also have the superior podcast). I don't mind Comic Vine, though. The wiki is quite useful, and they have some good features. I just ignore the endless why/what if? articles that can all be answered with "because comics".

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You must be a popular person with a lot of friends. I wish I could be like you, but every time someone sees my long hair, their face melts and their eyeballs ignite with bright, white flames, and then their chest implodes, all their limbs break in thirteen places, and all their skin flies off, their blood boils and starts spewing out of their ears, and then they turn around and walk away leaving me all alone and ashamed...

Man, it sucks having long hair...

I dunno man, that sounds kind of awesome, in a Heavy-Metal Medusa kind of way.