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This is my Civilization V time played... My friends will no longer play with me since I was nuclear capable while they were researching gunpowder. Do I have a problem?

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I thought it would be Destiny based on Bungie's reputation for making a good story but unfortunately that's the weakest part of the game. I still play the crap out of that game because of other hooks but it doesn't feel well rounded. My list is probably something like Dragon Age: Inquisition for top spot with Jazzpunk and Wolf Among Us for runners up. DA:I was relentless in presenting some of the best story content and RPG combat encounters I've seen in a long time.

I'm surprised so few people seem dialed in to Jazzpunk. Maybe it's just too weird and flies under most radar. That or maybe the inability to explain anything from that game without sounding like some kind of lunatic makes word of mouth tough.

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We can see so much further because we stand on the shoulders of giants.

Thank you Ralph Baer for the many wonders I have seen.

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I asked that dog about LOOM but he wouldn't give me the key to the cell door.

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I think I'm fine with a piece that describes the reaction to the Nintendo statement (which this was) rather than the article that speaks to artefacts of the past. While it's sometimes interesting to know how the sausage gets made it's the cooked and prepared version you want most.

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There is an official YouTube video out indicating a march release of Fulgore. Also the announcer goes batshit insane at the end.

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Man I wish they were doing a quick look of this game. It seems ham fisted in a way the GB community loves. Probably the only God of War clone I'd be interested in.

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You still get kicked off if you're playing a game and the "family" member logs in. That means it's great for households with a single computer but don't bother trying to log in with multiple systems at once.

Oh i want to see Microsofts reaction.

They'll probably just say, "Yep we've been doing that for years now."

It's not a library share so much as a multiple user login to a single account.

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Am I one of the only two people ever who played Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate? Because that was probably one of the better X-Com clones out there. If you're a fan of the old games but want a chance in hell of winning without resorting to game guides try it out. It's pretty solid.