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Back when I played Rampage on the Commodore 64 I got to level 134 on a single session... I used to love that game. Is the Rock playing George? He kinda makes me think of George.

Guesses on Lizzy and Ralph anyone?

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Zero Dawn

High Noon

Night Falling

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VR goggles will never become a mainstream deal. Mostly due to price restrictions and utility. If you're strapped for cash which would you pick? A monitor viewable by just you and with limited title selection?

We have too many companies breaking into the market at the top of the cost ladder. Until we see a real cost effective device software creators would be fools to support it as anything other than a curiosity.

I'm far more interested in seeing what kind of price point Rift can offer.

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Apparently they are now paying YOU to buy the worst games ever.

You can't beat -175%

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Apparently they shouldn't based on the Quicklook they did?


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@dezztroy said:

While I'm always up for more XCOM, I'm worried that the shift from defending the planet to being a guerilla fighting force might hurt the metagame. What will replace terror missions, for example?

Duder think about it... you will RUN the terror missions!

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Austin Walker get already paying off. #teamwalker

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I need another 2 from Firaxis

SimGolf 2


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@smeffw: As with all products released across borders prices generally have to do with licensing, tariffs and the market they are selling to. It's why Netflix can only serve certain content to each country and why they have to pay content creators again each time they want to release it to a new country.

After that you have to deal with each retailer's promotional deals with the distributor on a per country basis. Bigger markets can make bigger numbers so they often get a better deal. Perhaps the EU's "borderless" nature can allow a better deal to companies there or perhaps their market doesn't support that price point while the US market does? It can get rather complex when dealing with so many varied factors.

TLDR: It's complicated and governments/laws become involved. The only real way to change the market is to have a true boycott on price which is impossible in a country with so much wealth.

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This is my Civilization V time played... My friends will no longer play with me since I was nuclear capable while they were researching gunpowder. Do I have a problem?