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#1 Posted by wapostyle (155 posts) -

Great write up, Patrick!

I didn't quite get Dark Souls at first either but when I finally beat the Carpa Demon for the first time the game started to click. I dare say that is has become my favorite game of all time.

Being someone that has been playing games since 1985 and really missed the old days when games didn't hold your hand every step of the way; I felt like this game was designed just for me.

#2 Posted by wapostyle (155 posts) -

I'm glad to hear that a game I'm very nostalgic about is actually good.

I haven't played through this in 6 or 7 years, I think it's about time I went back to it.

#3 Posted by wapostyle (155 posts) -

Why are the hearts and magic meter on the bottom of the screen?

This does not compute...

#4 Posted by wapostyle (155 posts) -

Fool me once shame on you (Wii) fool me twice shame on me. (Wii U)

I'm not falling for it again Nintendo, unless you make a real Zelda game with no motion controls... then I might fall for it.

#5 Posted by wapostyle (155 posts) -

I played through the first two games with no roll backs. I figured the whole point of the game was the consequences of your actions and if you just get a do-over on everything then you're missing out on a part of the game that makes the experience really special.

Oddly enough everyone lived on my suicide mission the first time around. Wrex is no longer around though.

#6 Posted by wapostyle (155 posts) -

Just because you have the right to be an asshole doesn't mean it's the right thing to do.

It's a bit off topic but I think the basic concept applies.

"With great power comes great responsibility."

-Ben Parker

#7 Posted by wapostyle (155 posts) -

Is there some secret way to adjust the music volume in this game? It would seem the sound effects are about 3x as loud as the music. It's a shame because this game has great music and I can't hear it because of some freak problem.

I've even gone so far as to try the audio over HDMI and over the old connection, can't remember what that is called off the top of my head. Same issue with both cable configurations.

#8 Posted by wapostyle (155 posts) -

If you are playing this game you need to take a step back and ask yourself:

"What the fuck am I doing?"

#9 Posted by wapostyle (155 posts) -

I recommend James report the incident to the BBB. A friend of mine was locked out of his XBL account for about 6 months and had his account back within hours of filing the BBB report.

#10 Posted by wapostyle (155 posts) -

I didn't see anything in this article that indicates a spoiler. Perhaps everyone that says "SPOILER!" is just a whiny bitch?

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