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Happy for ya Vinny! Though a little sad to know you won't be around Jeff and Brad cause you three make a great combo. Best of luck!!

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Does Brothers get spoiled at all in todays show? I heard a lot about it's ending and story being a big part of it so I wasn't sure if it would come up for best story. I just started playing it today.

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Probably will end up giving a listen to some of these soon for old times sake. Gonna miss ya Ryan.

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Hugs to everyone here. Really going to miss him.

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Still in shock

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I can't believe this. This is just the saddest thing. Thoughts are with his friends and family. I can't even imagine how Anna feels. Excuse me while I go cry more.

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Pre-ordered mine today!

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The last 5-man Bombcast. So strange. I was finally used to it.

Same here, it took me a long time too. Not because of Patrick, but five people just gets a bit hectic.

You guys are forgetting about Rorie

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Just take my money now! Such a great cover.