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Game is great if you've never played it and like the genre you owe it to yourself to play it

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@sharkethic: Currently a first year computer science major in college so I'm at about 1000 lines of code but thanks for being an assuming asshole. But sure, taking code designed for Kinect 2.0 will probably take a long time, but I meant design time and a willingness to think about using camera technology in-game, not that the camera works exactly the same

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One of the nicest things about the PS4 is that you can chose whether or not you want its camera. Now many say that this will lead to horrendous third-party support as the camera will not be anywhere near guaranteed to be with every PS4 unlike the Kinect. However this exact point is what nullifies the previous, because Kinect is standard, developers will be much more willing to make games compatible with the Kinect, and while it is different (and much more advanced I imagine) than the PS4 Eye I can't imagine the dev time to take Kinect features and transplant them to the PS4 Eye will take very much dev time. Therefore Sony is literally letting Microsoft do the hard part, while giving its customers the option for a camera that will have much broader support than it would have without Kinect while keeping the price down for others who don't give a damn. Anyway excited for launch and hope both consoles end up being competitive, go games!

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Wow...just wow. You will be deeply missed by those close to you and I know personally I will miss watching, listening, and reading your amazing work on the site.

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Personally I almost wish a dlc would be an 'alternate reality' of some sort where Comstock is how he was originally intended, a young politician-y type, or someone else mentioned a museum of sorts in-game where it had examples of what was cut...while the game almost assuredly is better as a whole without the cut or changed material it would be interesting to see where the story originally intended to go.

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Personally i really liked the bucking bronco/shotgun combo for the rocket guys on the mid-air parts. Launch em' up and give em a blast till they're over thin air...works everytime hahah

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Really? Alright I have something close to that i think even with low galactic readiness the only reason I was worried was before that 5000 something was really hard to get with a low galactic readiness. Thanks for the reply!

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Sorry if this has already been addressed but I didn't want to scroll down too far in fear of spoilers. I heard that for the ending you don't really need to load before you start the final mission and can instead just load the last autosave to see the new content (please tell me if this is false). If this is true then will the game remember my estimated readiness from when i originally went into the final mission (had 100% GR) or will it check my current status (which is about 60%) and therefore give me a lower score and change my ending? Just curious as I really don't want to have to grind out GR in multiplayer to see the ending again and any help would be appreciated. If this doesn't make sense I'm writing this at 2 in the morning and a little tired so just ask and thanks in advance!

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Jedi Knight story mirrors A LOT of the star wars movies (closing part of act 1 especially, youll know what i mean) but its honestly what i want and its a blast bombing along saving the galaxy :D. My smuggler alt is also great even though act 2 seems a little less so; on Hoth right now and it really doesn't fit the character as they'd been building it up to that point but its still a blast!

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TBC x Gilmore just let me know ur from giant bomb ps tbc stands for the breakfast club and its not a serious clan or anything