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A great original xbla game 0

Braid is really something special with its own distinct everything the sound the art and even most of the gameplay.Braids sound is very good and ties into the game well and is plesant to listen to.  The graphics are great for a 2d platformer with the art style one of a kind.  The story is a little hard to follow and the fact that it is told through the use of text doestnt help but the ending was one of the best endings ever so go figure.  The gameplay is where Braid really shines though with the...

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great while it lasts 0

the bourne series is about high paced fast action that is great to watch and now great to play.  the bourne conspiracy is one of those movie games that dont suck.  With the game play im going to start with the fistfights, now the the hand to hand stuff isnt that deep its incredably satisfying, nothing is better than fighting with a boss and using classic bourne weapons on him such as a pen.  The gunplay is well done too with a gears of war style camera with you being able to carry a main weapon(...

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Good but gets old 0

battlefield bad company is a great game with things that other shooters dont have like destructable enviroments.  Its gameplay is really what makes it shine though with great weapons, controls, and veicles you'll feel like youre really in the battle.  The sound is great with weapons sounding satisfying and a tank sounds like what a tank should sound like.  The graphics could use a small touch up but it really isnt anything to be worried about.  I love the characters in the single player which ar...

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