Greetings Giant Bomb :D

It certainly took me long enough to join here... >_> 
Greetings. :) 
I am WarlockEngineerMoreDakka. ( o_o ) 
Er- <_< 
You can just call me Dakka. :P (I'll give you a brownie if you can guess what kind of Warlock Engineer I am...) 
(Hint: We love hordes just like orks- but we ain't green. :P )  
I am a pretty avid strategy gamer- as I love strategy games of all types, both real-time and turn-based. 
Favorites including: (In no particular order)
1. Age of Empires 1 (It's what got me engrossed in gaming in the first place) 
2. Alpha Centauri (Still better than any of the Civilizations. :D ) 
3. Starcraft (Of course. :) ) 
4. Sins of a Solar Empire 
5. Rome: Total War (Empire was a disappointment though. >_> ) 
And yes- if my name didn't give it away- I AM into Warhammer 40,000- of both the video game and table-top varieties!  
But I don't play orks. :P (My main army is actually Tyranids- which would explain why I really liked Zerg in Starcraft. :P) 
(And yet I was best as Protoss...)
I am also just now getting into the table-top Warhammer Fantasy.
So yeah- I look forward to interacting with the Giant Bomb community. :)