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Golem Arcana! The secrets of Tabletop gaming future revealed! :P


Well, potentially at least. <_<

I was just curious if anyone here has heard of or seen Harebrained Scheme's latest hopeful undertaking. They've already had one Kickstarter success with Shadowrun Returns- so now they're really hoping Kickstarter will help them again.

It's certainly ambitious, but they aren't without pedigree. Some of the people working on Golem Arcana are the same ones who worked on games such as Battletech, HeroClix, and others. :O

They're currently among the top popular gaming kickstarters, so we'll see if their last push is just enough to get them past their goal.

So has anyone here taken any interest to it? Already made/making comparisons to other tabletop games? :P

For comparisons sake from what I've seen so far- I'd very roughly describe it as a game with definite shades of Battletech, lightly combined with a knack for unit and ability synergy from Warmachine. (Though said synergic elements are taken to nowhere NEAR as extreme as Warmachine. :P )

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By Streum on Studio? :O

Hmmm, reading into the leaked details... Alright, I'm on-board. :P

E.Y.E. may have been rough, but it was still enjoyable. And again, reading into the details of the leak makes it sound more and more like this game would actually be a nice fit for them.

Good fits:

  • The leaks seem to indicate players will be controlling a Librarian- so there could be some definite RPG/character development elements and psychic powers. I'd assume The RPG elements will probably end up simpler than E.Y.E.'s.
  • Lets be frank- E.Y.E. does have some definite visual similarities to Warhammer 40,000 already, so the visual style seems to be arguably in good hands. :P
  • Melee combat in E.Y.E. was surprisingly fun- (admittedly, if only because most of the weapons made your enemies explode :D ). So I have "high" hopes for the melee combat here as a result. :D


  • The Genestealer AI. E.Y.E.'s enemy AI was not very good- so that's tenuous at best. :\
  • By extension, E.Y.E.'s allied AI was even worse. So if they implement squad mechanics... I won't have high hopes for those. :(
  • E.Y.E.'s ranged combat was inconsistent at best- hopefully they'll be able to nail that down better for this.
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@nonapod said:

We've got Ouya, Nvidia Shield, MadCatz's "Project M.O.J.O.", Gamepop, the Gamestick... is there any I'm forgetting?

Not entirely sure if it will be counted here since all of the ones you've listed are dedicated gaming consoles- and what I'm about to list is a tablet... But arguably you forgot the Wikipad. :P

Some of you might remember it when it was announced a few years ago as a 10 inch tablet at a $500 price point. Since then, it was slimmed down considerably to 7 inches and a $250 price point. (So it's basically a Nexus 7 tablet with a $50 controller add-on.)

Interestingly, along with Google Play and Nvidia TegraZone, the Wikipad is certified for Playstation Mobile as well. And its rumored the wikipad might get access to Gaikai once Sony resumes it... O_O (Though if memory serves, their announcement of the Wikipad having Gaikai came before Sony's acquisition of them- so who knows.)

How many other android platforms have access to playstation mobile? Do any of the other Android consoles have it? (I'm pretty sure I already know Ouya and Shield don't, but I could be mistaken... Not sure about the others)

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Clearly, IW is trying to make CoD:Ghosts the Shadow of the Colossus of both the current AND next gens... :P

You know- the dog will have a similar fate to Argo. D:

..... Nah, that's a silly idea...

Yeah, it's more likely they'll be more amibitious- yet predictable at the same time by trying to make CoD: Ghosts the Old Yeller of video games. >_>

Either way, my vote goes to the Dog dying to save you. Tis the obvious choice. :P

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God DAMMIT. >:(

So as most of you probably know by now, Total War: Rome 2's release date has been revealed for September. As such, the game's gone up for pre-order, and the pre-order bonus has been revealed.

Specifically: the Greeks. A full 3 factions worth of them (Sparta, Athens, and Epirus). They are free if you pre-order, but supposedly will be available as paid DLC as well.

..... Gosh darn it CA, you psychically figured out my weak spot from Rome 1- and by extension Rome 2. :( (Especially since Rome 2's only going to have 8 playable factions without DLC. 9 if you include the free day-one Pontus DLC they are promising. So there will be 12 factions if you pre-order)

I almost never pre-order games- I do everything I can to avoid doing so more often than not due to my bad first experience with pre-ordering (Specifically, homeworld 2). But its gonna be almost impossible for me to resist this now... :P

As long as they at least pull another Shogun 2 in terms of quality, it'll be fine... >_>

Thoughts? It does seem overall that Sega's gonna be really aggressive with the DLC on this one. Take it how you will. <_<

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I definitely prefer 40k for the most part, both visually and story-wise. (Especially with how Starcraft 2's been handling things)

Emphasis on 'for the most part' though. Because I've always preferred the Protoss over the Eldar. :P

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Honestly- tricky question to answer, since you'll never really know what effect 2.0 will have on your cities until you jump back in- if there is much of an affect at all. You could suffer random air pollution, random taxi invasions, new sewage issues, sound bugs, construction that never finishes, etc. It does certainly sound like 2.0 introduced more bugs than it fixed.

It's far from a consistent update though. There's the possibility you'll not run into any of those bugs- or encounter just a few of them, or even just weaker variations of them. (For example, the random air pollution bug. I had no random air pollution appear at all- though that didn't stop my cities from complaining about the non-existent air pollution for absolutely no reason for an hour or two. But then they stopped complaining and all was well in that regard)

Again, I have no way of confirming what your experience with 2.0 will be. Given all that we've heard, I'm either one of the lucky ones, or the systems on which 2.0 has had a catastrophic affect on are in the minority. Either way, all I can say is mileage varies GREATLY.

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Wow- how did I never realize that it was Dreamworks that did Prince of Egypt. o_O

I had lumped it in with various Disney films I liked- it's been so long since I last saw it. XD

But I do remember it being really good- the other Dreamworks films I really liked were:

  • Antz
  • Chicken Run
  • Shrek
  • Curse of the Were-Rabbit
  • Over the Hedge
  • How to Train your Dragon