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The Dragon Teases us 0

The original Garshasp, an indie hack-and-slash in the style of god of war, certainly had a significant amount of chutzpah about it. Developed by the small development team called Dead Mage in Iran, Garshasp was made mostly with free software, such as the OGRE engine. While the game they were able to release hardly measures up to its aspirations (God of War), it was still a surprisingly solid product- if a bit short, being easily completable in 3-4 hours.The original managed to garner enough att...

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A barely successful procedure 0

For a game with a name based on experimentation, Vivisector: Beast Within is a surprisingly bland and non-experimental product. This is even more surprising given some of the sources the game is based on, such as The Island of Dr. Moreau. It's all a pity given how at the surface, Vivisector attempts to present itself as an intriguing FPS with unique enemy types and relatively large environments to explore. In practice though, Vivisector is just another middling and inconsistent FPS- many of whom...

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A greed that is good- and yet suffers from a conflict of interest 0

Greed can certainly make pretty little packages for the eyes of its beholders, especially when everything comes together as intended. Or when it falls apart as tends to be the case in Greed Corp, a turn-based strategy game released for the PC, Mac, Playstation Network, and Xbox Live. No matter how 'pretty' the package, presentation is key for consistent audience enjoyment. Flawed or inconsistent presentation can sabotage a product's promise. Such is the case with Greed Corp, the overall competen...

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Not exactly divine, but certainly unique 0

E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy is an FPS/RPG hybrid developed by the otherwise unknown indie studio 'Streum on Studio' based in France. Hybridized in the style of games like Deus Ex, it is a title that at first glance seems to openly aspire to be as deep and intimidating, yet as versatile as possible. The result is hideously inconsistent in many regards including inadequate enemy AI and an interface that can take some time to get used to in the best case scenario, and yet delivers an experience that d...

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