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@harpell said:

I'm looking to join the free company, just waiting for a chance to create a character on Ultros. Seems like it's difficult to start a character on there right now. I've gotten to level 5 on another server, and this seems right up my alley. Only issue is that I want to start as a class that's not in Limsa Lolimsa, so I'll have some levelling to do before even joining. Does your starting class really matter at all in the long run, anyway?

If you want to join up before you can get to Limsa you can ask any person with the VinCo tag and they'll be able to have someone invite you. I'm also around a lot, so if you do a search for Kaegan Tarn and I'm on I can shoot you an invite.

And no, your starting class doesn't mean anything past level 15 really. The story missions up to that point are nation specific, but after that they all blend together.

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@wraithtek said:

Is there any post/site that outlines the new armor/weapons/etc. introduced in this patch? I know the lodestone has a big list of what items were added, without details. It would be great if someone had a list of "here's this new armor, here's what it looks like, here's the level/classes that can use it". Maybe it's a little soon to expect something like that.

Gear Calculator or XIVDB should have what you're looking for.

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Yay another person who likes this game! This was a landmark game for me since it was the first MMO that I didn't get super burned out on and actually made it all the way to the end game. Being able to play it with a ps3 controller on a big tv helped a lot too, though it seems if I want to get into higher level play, especially as a summoner, I'll have to switch back to mouse and keyboard.

I approached the endgame content in a fairly casual manner and still managed to clear everything up to and including Turn 8 as a summoner using a controller on PS3. You need to put a lot of thought into how you set up your hotbars, but it's absolutely doable.

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HM Qarn is one of the things I'm most looking forward to. I loved pre-nerf Qarn, that final boss was nuts.

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@gerrid: They've said they'll support PS3 through the first expansion, but no guarantees after that.

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@feive_vz: We have a few people from the UK and an FC near our house is full of people from the UK and they all seem to be just fine.

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Weather forecasters are also very useful for fishing.

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@machofantastico said:

Won't the fruits to dye chocobos eventually hit the market anyway or am I missing something. I can wait.

I can understand the frustration that it's more complex than maybe it should be but I sort of enjoy that you need to do a little hardwork to get the rewards. It's something about FFXIV I have started to appreciate, but at the same time I can see SE taking it a little to far.

They will but be prepared to spend a fucking assload of cash buying them. And you'll most likely have to buy multiples. Because if you read the discription its not just a one and done situation the more you feed your chocobo specific fruits the more the hue changes that color.

Honestly, I've got two million right now and I'm going to save and spend the bulk of that on a personal house when 2.38 hits so I can garden myself.

Yup, with the seeds being untradeable and everyone wanting to dye their chocobo it's just too much of a hassle right now. I'll wait until I get access to my own garden, assuming they allow it with player housing.

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@cloudnineboya: You can't join a Free Company while on the trial, but the Giant Bomb FC is on Ultros if you decide to stick around and want to join up.

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@cloudnineboya: If you have a PC that can run the game you could try the free PC trial and then if you like it get the PS4 version.