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Ferrari has a nifty animated overview of the race. Not sure if they do this all the time, or if this is just because they won...


edit: I guess this will be available for all the races.

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Well, at least he can completely fund Psychonauts 2 by himself now.

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??? I'm pretty sure there was always an option in Plex to play 1080p... But maybe it was mislabeled and was actually playing 720p?

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Two issues:

1) When I try to play 1080p videos, it simply pops up an error message "error playing file." 720p videos play fine.

2) Subscriber videos don't show up anymore. In the subscriber list, the last video shown is Bradley May Cry part 2.

Let me know if you need any more info...

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I mean... they're releasing they're own version of the LINUX kernal. I can just see that... if they were able to develop a version of the OS that is more compatible with games traditionally made for a windows environment than...

That'd be interesting. Linux + their own custom WINE. That would let them ensure driver and game compatibility.

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Anyone else have problems with the plex app the past few days? I've tried the suggestion of uninstall, deleting all cache, data and preferences, but no joy :(

I'm getting a blank page when going into the app. This is on Win7

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@paisan13 said:

@warmonked: So you really think it's the same, Beer talking about Fish not wanting to leave a comment to a journalist, and Fish telling him to kill himself?

I don't think Beer was "just" talking about Fish not wanting to leave a comment to a journalist. His insults are pretty harsh.

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@paisan13 said:

A bit one sided this was, yes?

Phil Fish is an asshole, and I'm glad he's gone. Of course thats not true, he'll be back in a month or two, cause theres paper to earn. Fish told Beer, a guy that has on the air talked about hes depressions and about trying to take hes own life, to kill himself, and i don't care if its from Futurama, its disgusting.

Now Beer is no quire-boy, but most of what he says is valid, he may be bullish, but the truth is that Phil Fish usually jumps at an opportunity to talk to anyone, the press, fans, podcasters, v-loggers, whoever wants to listen to hes opinions, but this time he wont say a word?

Stop defending this asshole, he did one good game, and after that said so much stupid shit that even Notch can hang on, and Notch loves hes Twitter account.

On the other hand, don't defend Marcus Beer either, hes doing hes job. But f**k defending telling Beer to kill himself just because it's a reference to Futurama, thats just idiotic and pathetic, shame on you.

If Beer's gonna go around calling people names and telling people off, then he better be prepared for the same. You can't act like a bully then cry depression anytime someone returns the favor.

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I don't like Marcus either. Not because I disagree with his opinions, but because the way he tries to justify his outrage is always so logically wrong. This latest rant is just another example. As Patrick says, Devs and Press don't really owe each other anything.

Also, Marcus "offering" Phil the chance to discuss this on camera feels like a sleezey way to make video content for your site.

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Meh. This blame game is pointless. Even if the whole campaign was outsourced, doesn't the buck stop at Gearbox?