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Dont ever change Vinny.

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I made $17000 on the sephiroth v tyson fight. That is easily in the top five greatest things in my life ever. This is practically taking over my life and I love it. God help me.

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Mirrors Edge. It had all the potential to iterate on the Prince of Persia freerunning formula and create a truly unique experience. But while the mechanics of the game were sound the actual campaign was frustrating and constantly doing things that didnt take advantage of its potential. On top of that the game was far too short so it never felt like a truly satisfying experience. That being said I am really excited for Mirrors Edge 2 especially if its open world so I can just run around and do crazy stunts. The less generic freedom fighter hacker story the better.

Assassins Creed 3 was pretty bad too. Lets place a game designed for verticality into a setting that has none of that. And lets also make our main character a total blank of a character. It was just so boring which is inexplicable cause I was with that series right up until Brotherhood.

LA Noire was just a victim of expectations for me. It was an open world game that had absolutely nothing to do in it save for the same tedious fetch quests. Plus I HATED how little agency you had over Cole and how detached I felt from the story which left only the same missions being played over and over again. It felt like a proof of concept that couldve gone to some incredibly cool places if they had been allowed to put out a sequel or given more time to work on it. I really wish Rockstar couldve just taken the tech from Team Bondi and then let the GTA/RDR writers take a crack at creating content for the game instead of just releasing it as is.

I know this is about worst games of the generation. Not to sound arrogant but since I dont preorder games and try to be informed about what I do pick up I tend to avoid stuff that ends up being total crap (Aliens:CM was a close call cause I almost preordered that). So I usually miss the shit shows but still end up hating games I thought I would actually enjoy.

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It probably doesn't hold up today but I still remember being terrified of the game Out of This World on the SNES. Especially the opening which in the space of about 2 minutes throws 3 potentially fatal traps/monsters without giving any clue as to how to beat them. Its something you never see in modern games where a game will just fling you into a situation without instructions or a clear objective and just expects you to figure out how to survive.   
Here is the first few minutes of the game: 

 And heres all the different ways you can screw up: 
Absolutely nerve wracking for a 7 year old. 
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True enough. Its been years since I read Dune and I was young enough to probably have missed a lot of the subtext and just enjoy the story as it stood on its own. And thats why I recommended it because the heart of the book is still a cool story. It wasnt till I was older did I actively try to go past Children of Dune and found the whole thing damn near incomprehensible. At least Messiah ends Pauls story in a decent enough way and only features one ghola. The way I figured, if my 15 year old self enjoyed it enough then its probably easy enough to get into. I would say try the prequels for a Dune "lite" experience, but I am simply not that cruel. 
Lets substitute that for Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
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Thats kinda tough because most of Science Fiction is all about social commentary. All the best novel series and writers were just as concerned about sending a message one way or the other. Sci Fi allows for those points of views to be shown in their extremes by reflecting it in exaggerated technology and race relations. All the big names like Asimov and Bradbury loved science but also loved exploring humanism and how our own minds can be our best friend and worst enemies.
 That being said the first couple of Dune novels are excellent and is more concerned about setting up a cool adventure in a completely original world. Just avoid everything after Dune Messiah. Same goes for the first books in the Enders Game series though that one has a larger moral point its used as a way to keep the plot going. 
You said you liked Star Trek so go with the Star Trek novels. Or Star Wars. Theres enough material there to last awhile and its all of the same tone as the movies so you know what kind of experience youre going for. Though to actively ignore classics that have something to say seems a tad misguided. Youre just gonna end up wading through a lot of mediocrity. But whatever floats your boat. 

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Boy: Trenton
Girl: Jane
 Twins: Jacen and Jaina

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The only time I ever got a compliment was when I played some random guy on Fight Night Round 4. I got into it with a fairly high ranked player and managed to dutifully dodge the sheer onslaught of pain this guy was throwing. Towards the end of the match I managed to break through his defense and get him really good in the jaw, stunning him. It was enough to shake him up and get a little sloppy in frustration in the final rounds. He still managed to beat me but only by a super narrow margin, and I ended the match on my feet. After the fight he sent a pm to me saying that was one of the best fights he's had in a while and gave props for surprising him. 
It could easily have been gloating but it felt in the spirit of good sportsmanship and hope it was meant as such.

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I found mine in a Goodwill for $10. Now before I come off like too much of a pompous ass, the system didnt come with any controllers or games. All it had was the ac adapter and av cables so as of now its simply a paper weight that I can plug in.  But ultimately one must never underestimate the awesomeness of ones goodwill/salvation army/ thrift store.

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Boo to anyone who hates on Jack. She was the most fun to romance since you really had to work for and then maintain her trust. Her backstory was really interesting since it made me care for this person who started off as a science experiment and was fighting both internally and externally to find a reason to keep living.  She really exemplified the games theme of my crew being these lost and wayward souls who either were abandoned or who abandoned others and needed a cause to do right, even if it killed them. 
 Plus she was the right kind of crazy hot that Ive always had a thing for. But that was really just a bonus. Honest.