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@venekor: Agreed, it feels like the just change the dollar sign for a pound and think that's enough. There are pretty good reasons why physical retail devalues faster that digital doesn't suffer from but it would be nice to see some effort.

The deals you are talking about are pretty standard across the board, the weekly ones Sony, Microsoft and Steam do are really meant to vaguely keep pace with devaluation but there just something to get people to come back to the storefront.

It's not like brick and mortar aren't taking the piss either, GAME online store has games at launch for £40-45 but in a GAME store it's £50-55

My advice to anyone on this is wait, digital prices can fall far lower than physical. You will eventually get a hell of a lot of game for your money. Price is always relative to competition, a sale on one platform means a sale on another.

Also, you seem to be British and our Import Tax and VAT are huge compared to other countries and international businesses don't really understand what there worldwide standard does to prices here. Also no one has ever cared about the PAL territories EVER, just be happy it doesn't take 6 months to localise games to 20 different languages just for us to end up with the American language versions. At least we get near enough day and date now, just not in our own language (still working on my "Help us to Help 'U's" campaign).

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@puchiko: it will work fine through component

be warned though, HD TVs are savage to your memory on what those games looked like

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Don't worry, DA:I has taken a lot of the focus away from the approval rating stuff, it's why there isn't a on screen meter anymore.

I played through the entire thing not ever using or interacting with most of the characters and still unlocked all their side missions.

If it makes you feel any better, I have never played a game with detailed or accurate enough facial expressions that you could gauge social cues on them alone so you're not alone on that

hope the rest of your life isn't too hard on you because of your condition


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@renegademike: It's important to me because different people have different views of the same things and hearing, or in the space a game, playing other peoples stories helps better your understanding of your own experiences

life is best with other people in it.

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@ianmac: I would pick up one of the newest ones like people have said, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby are the newest pair to be released. They are the first time we have seen a major update to the formula and they are probably the best Pokemon games yet. As for which one to buy of the two, just pick up the one you think has a better monster on the cover, as that is sort of the big bad end game thing.

Also don't worry about the differences between versions, the internet made it sort of meaningless. It's just a hangover from when you needed a link cable to hook up two Game Boys

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@jedted: it can vary depending on game/character, try hitting the buttons a bit faster than you are now, if that doesn't work try pressing the next button just as the previous hit lands.

for Injustice specifically, it might be easier to use the d-pad rather than stick for the directional combos, just because it's easier to time your own presses that way.

Don't get frustrated, fighting games are really annoying to learn but once you have the timing down, you won't even remember having this problem

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Hi all,

Square Enix have released the content from their Christmas Surprise 2014.

I still have a couple steam keys and SE store discount codes that I'm not going to redeem, so I thought I'd see if anyone here wanted them.

Steam Key

Deus Ex - The Fall


Nosgoth Founders - Warlord Pack


Square Enix Store Discounts (Valid until Dec 31st)

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - 50% off


Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris with Season Pass - 33% off


Final Fantasy III - 50% off


If you use one of these codes, please post a comment so others know they are gone.

Happy Holidays!

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Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 3

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@humanity: it's also stupid on the pricing, Brad has said it seems over priced at $20. Here in the UK, it's £20, which is about equal to $30. The tax difference is considerably less than that and most games and DLC are priced accordingly but Activision don't feel they should bother to price appropriately.

This behaviour is in keeping with their overall attitude with the base game, the have removed more content from the base game than they have added. Even after mass criticism of the the amount of content in the base game.

The have over charged for a tiny amount of additional content and to encourage the players to buy the DLC, locked them out of some of what little was in the base game.

It's hard to see they're justification for continuing to abuse their player base, that will only decrease over time and only faster with each piece of bad news that comes out. It's a credit to Bungie that they can make a game that plays so well that people are willing to take the amount of crap that we have had to endure.

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Dragon's Dogma, those pawns never did the helpful stuff you set them up with and they would rather jump around picking up rocks than help you fight stuff... and they never shut up