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Theorycrafting is a poor term for it, but yes people who pay close attention to a game's mechanics and have a very analytical mind set tend to get better at games, be better reviewers, and be better game designers. If you just hop from game to game chasing the newest shiniest thing, you only have a shallow appreciation of them. That sort of analytical mindset is the essence of design. However, it isn't something everyone is capable of.

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@kamiboy said:
Wow, in the trailer they are actually trying to bill this whole overseas outsourced sequel thing as being a positive spin.  I don't know about gamers in Japan, but over where I sit that equals the kiss of death for a Japanese franchise.
Also, can a different dev get just the right mix of things that make a 'bad' c-list game fun?
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@Surkov said:
So Live goes down for 2 weeks, Microsoft gives its customers a selection of 1 $10 game: Undertow

PSN goes down for 3 and a half weeks and compromises their customer's personal information. In return they offer you a selection of 5 games and up to $60 worth of games (LBP and inFamous). Now this could be worth less to you choose cheaper games. Either way it's about $20 worth of games. In addition to this they give you 30 days of PSN plus (or 60 days if you're already a member). They also offer you a year of identity theft protection for free if for some reason you didn't cancel your credit card during the panic. 

You tell me who had a better 'Welcome back' program. 
Live didn't go down for 2 weeks.  It had intermittent issues for two weeks.  Sometimes you could play, sometimes you couldn't.  Some services worked others didn't.  It was only completely down for a day or two.  And yes, Microsoft's apology was crap.

Sony's network on the other hand was completely dead for nearly a full month, your customer data was compromised, and there is a good chance so was your credit card information.  Sony is up against the fact that there is nothing they can do that can quite make up for this level of screw-up.  They could try a little harder though.

How much effort would it be for them to beef up the selection and toss another 5-10 first party games on there?  Just to make sure their major customers, the people who spend the most money on their products, are covered.
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@Chubbaluphigous said:
The fact that something needed to be said by Sony regarding someone's gross sense of entitlement makes me a sad panda.
There are legitimate complaints that can be made about that selection.  How hard would it be for Sony to toss in a few more first party titles?  Maybe offer a discount on a newer first party title.  People still only get to pick two, but if you offer a few more games it is less likely that people already have all of them.
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The real question is why do you keep purchasing Obsidian products?  It is no big secret they suck at polish and QA.  You know it is going to be a buggy mess.

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I'm kind of disappointed here.  DotA is a game with a good idea, but a lot of flaws.  It is carrying around the baggage of 3 different designers, the limitations of the warcraft 3 engine, and player base who is too attached to the way it currently is.  If anyone could have rebuilt the DotA concept from the ground up and made something truly great, it was Valve.  It feels like Valve is ignoring all the potential to take the quick and easy road on this one.

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The gameplay can be challenging, but the shooting sections aren't all that interesting.  It's a challenge, but not one I'm all that interesting in.  I think part of it is the pacing of the levels, they feel slow.  Compared to the tight controls and brilliant design of 'Splosion man it pales in comparison.  That said the gameplay isn't necessarily bad, it is passable.  The game is just carried by its sense of comedy more than its gameplay.

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I agree that it feels a bit easier than DR1 and the two main factors are spike bats readily available by the safe room and better survivors.  The initial weapons weren't that great in DR1 and you had to learn about where to find the swords, guns, and mini-chainsaw, so you struggled through poorly equipped at first.  DR2 seems to make it much easier to get some decent basic equipment.  Was the movement improved?  It feels easier to weave between zombies, maybe its the wider areas.
@WinterSnowblind said:
" Ninja Gaiden (the Xbox one, not original) is actually a game I felt very much suffered from this. It's renowned for its difficulty, but I felt much of this came from enemies with cheap attacks, coupled with the poor and clunky control.  Perhaps this was meant to be 'old school' but I just thought it felt dated. "
Making a good, hard game isn't easy.  That line between an interesting challenge and challenge resulting from poor controls, randomness, or throwing things at the player they have no control over is very thing.  I  think DR's (1 and 2)  psychos probably lean towards the unavoidable attacks category.  Just having the right items mitigates that, making psycho fights a bit more about preparation.  The reason why we see easy games more often than difficult games these days is because it is so easy for a difficult game to take a wrong turn and turn into a bad or mediocre game.  It takes a smart developer to make a game that is challenging and hard, but not punishing.
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@Shuborno said:
" @marcusravenheart said:
Call your Gamestop location and explain the issue in a civil manner, and I am sure they will resolve it.    
 I wish the Gamestops in my city were anything like the one in yours. Talking to the people in the Gamestops I go to in a civil manner leads them to talk down to me as if I'm responsible for their screwups. After they screwed me out of pre-order bonuses in the past, I will never bother pre-ordering anything from them again. Better not to have the bonus than to support a terrible business. "
If they act like that ask to speak to the manager.  I know the manager in Gamestop isn't really much higher up than a regular employee, but he's more likely to help.  If he is also rude, inform him that you would like to file a complaint with his district manager.  Then call his district manager or Gamestop corporate.  If one thing motivates retail, it is not catching hell from above.  Shit rolls downhill in retail, so if you complain higher up, corporate will hear about it, the regional manager will hear about it, and the district manager will hear about it and they'll all chew out people below them.  Being on the bottom of that chain sucks. 
A bit better solution though is to never shop at Gamestop.  You are better off buying new games from Best Buy (better stock, no pre-order bullshit), Wal*Mart/Target/K*mart (often better prices), or Amazon (lots of $20 gift card deals.)  If you like buying and selling used games use Amazon, Ebay, or Glyde.  Gamestop's used game prices are ridiculously high and they give you crap for your trade-in. 
Gamestop is my last choice when it comes to purchasing games.  They rip off their customers.  They simple rely on their customers being too dumb to know any better.
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@wolf_blitzer85 said:
" @Druminator said:
" The only thing I want to hear about Steam is when it's coming to PS3. "

Not quite there bro. Steam cloud support and Steam for realz are two totally separate things when it comes to the PS3. Maybe someday, but you sure as hell aren't going to be able to buy PC games on the PS3 anytime soon.
Of course if Valve does eventually release HL: Ep 3, then I suppose anything could be possible.

@SupeRaven said:


...be used to purchase any game or within a game that supports Steam transactions.

Ahh... its really for the in-game purchases I bet. "
Makes sense. Then steam can start carrying the free to play business model games.  Steam will be nothing but Korean MMOs in five years.  Also I could see how this would be awesome for those too young for plastic money, or for those that don't want to put their credit card information on that gosh darn scary internet yet. "
It would be one of the most brilliant micropayment schemes ever.  Instead of making crappy micropayment games, you handle their transactions and take a cut of their profits.