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I got all my combo cards via leveling.  I never found any in the game.  It is possible you can't get all the combo cards for the items.  The character does port into DR2.

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Make sure you have 1-2 orange juices before you start the fight.  Shotgun seems to work the best on him, you can pick up 2 from the Hunting Shop (go in via roof) or 1 from the police station (back alley by the pawn shop to get in.)  You'll trade shots a lot, but you'll come out on top.  Go run behind some cars when you need to eat or drink to recover health. 
If you aren't leveled, I can see having trouble, since those 2 extra health bars and increased ranged weapon damage make a difference.  Best way to level is to combine a pitchfork+shotgun and use the alternate attack (hold x, 2500XP) or combine oars+chainsaws (125 XP, hits fairly rapidly) and just go nuts.  You can find an oar if you cross the street outside the safehouse and look around the outside of the very first building you come across as you walk into the town.

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@radioactivez0r said:
" If you're really enterprising, Blockbuster is clearancing DS Lites for $80 starting today.  The catch is, you have to find a store that carries it. "
Or even just find a Blockbuster store, those things are disappearing like crab legs at a buffet.
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@UnsolvedParadox said:
" It's totally locked up a half dozen times on me, the main trigger seems to be hitting objects in the environment and letting them bounce around. Once I intentionally avoided interacting with items other than picking up weapons, and I took care to only hit items and not objects, I was fine. "
If you try to play it with multiple people the freezes and bugs go through the roof.  I have never been able to be stage 4 with two players.  It bugged out five times.
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@GrandpaJelly said:
"  You really can't compare a third person shooter to a first person. Though if you're a big fan of TF2 there's really no reason to play this game, TF2 has more maps, game modes, weapons and hats. "
They play a lot differently.  As mentioned its mainly the art style that draws the comparison.
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" I'm just curious if it's true that Charlotte can learn a healing spell. Apparently if a witch heals herself and you absorb it then you can heal which would be an AMAZING help but I have been trying for probably 3 hours just hitting them and waiting for them to heal and no sound is made when she heals on my learning ability shield thingy. "
Witches in normal have about 40 health, you want to deal between 20-40 damage and see if you can get them to heal.  Do it hit by hit, they seem to decide if they want to heal after each bit of damage.  So if you hit them all at once, you have fewer chances to see the heal.  If they are low on health (1 more hit kills them) and they aren't healing, finish them off and find a new one.  If they are 1 hit away from death and cast 2-3 energy orbs at you, they've already decided not to heal.  For leveled Charlottes, use fireball on them, they take reduced damage from fire.  You should be able to go through 4 witches in 5-10 minutes in chapter 4.
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@BadNews said:
" Awesome tips. I was learning the same thing. Some spells are pretty tricky to learn. Since the minotaur seems to sometimes rarely use his raging fire move. Still this is surprisingly deep for something that seemed so simple in the quicklook. :] "
Get raging fire from the "white dragons", those are the snake like bone-dragons attached to walls.
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At $15 it is competing with a lot of games it just doesn't measure up to.  You can buy Shadow Complex, Braid, Battlefield 1943, and many other games on XBLA for $15.  The game itself just doesn't deliver $15 worth of value.  It feels like they decided to stick the $15 tag on it because it was being hyped and it was in the arcade line-up.  Personally, I would pay $5 for Limbo, knowing what I now know.  As it stands I probably won't purchase anything from this developer again. 
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" Length of a game and its price are important factors, whoever says otherwise can't be a good reviewer."
I believe that reviewers should concern themselves exclusively with the quality of a game.  Explain to me how price impacts the quality of a game?  If I buy Mass Effect 2 for $10 less than you buy Mass Effect 2; have I bought a better game than you have?  Of course not, the quality remains identical.  You could rightly say that I have a better value game than you have, but neither of us require a reviewer's opinion to know this.  You may believe that reviewers should pass judgement on the value of a game, and that's fair enough, but I would argue that position is pretty unique to gaming in my experience.  I would also argue that - even with the best will in the world - a reviewer cannot make a better value judgement on my behalf than I can make for myself.  All I need is for them to give me their informed opinion on the quality of the game. "
 The goal of a review is to help you decide if you should or shouldn't purchase a product.  Would you pay $100 for Limbo?  If price is not an issue, why not? For $100, you could buy multiple other games.  Have you ever looked at game and though "maybe I'll pick it up used or in the bargain bin?"  Ultimately, game reviews are advising you on the topic of "should you buy this game" and price is a major factor in that decision.  The reviewer is using their judgement in many other places already.  The gameplay, graphics, and sound are just their opinion.  Is the game worth the asking price is another judgement call they have to make.  This is also why score systems for games don't work so great.  The game may be a "must buy" for some people and a "wait until it hits the bargain bin" for others.

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@teh_destroyer said:
" Nice stuff, they definitely know how to make up for there mistakes. "
It really is a good move, they admit they screwed up, apologize, explain how they screwed up, and then give the customer a freebie to show they mean it.
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@Supermarius said:
" @ESREVER said:
" I'm pretty new to fights sticks and fighting games in general. But I think owning and playing 2d fighters with a fight stick is key to experience the maximum amount of "fun" to be had in a 2d fighting game. 
I've been eying the BlazBlue Fight stick offered through the Aksys site for a couple of months now, and I'm just wondering how it fairs as an actual controller. Is there anybody here that has used the PS3 version of this fight stick? Do they like it? How is it when used on other fighting games? 
Some may say I'm only getting it for the Noel portrait on the front... well that's not exactly wrong... But I'd also like it because I think it'll enhance the experience. And its not a bad looking piece of merchandise.   Curse my affinity for Noel... Arrrgghhhh. "
no. Its not a reskinned Madcatz tournament stick. It is a reskinned Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 stick or HRAP3 for short. HRAP3's are good and fully moddable if you feel the need to do that. "
That's definitely a Madcatz TE with a different skin.  Madcatz announced these a long time ago.  You can even see the Madcatz logo on the bottom right corner of the box.  As for the quality of the stick, they are probably the best retail stick on the market.  The buttons feel loose and responsive.  If you don't have a stick it will take a little bit to get used to, but it is absolutely worth it.  However, the SFIV versions of the stick only cost $150 so if you plan to replace the art, go with a SFIV version.