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Sounds like the Mass Effect team is getting control over Dragon Age 2's direction.  It will probably be good for the game, ME2 was a rather good game overall.  I was quite disappointed by Dragon Age on the other hand.

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It is not very good, not for the price they are asking.  There are a lot of dumb design decisions with the missions and it really ends up becoming boring really fast.  The shooting is mediocre and favors camping, the missions tend to be one sides, players will upgraded guns will kill you before you can even get in range, and the driving isn't that great.  A lot of the chases boil down to the guy who runs away in a car wins, since all cars go about the same speed and its impossible to catch someone without another player shooting out your window. 
There is a lot of mediocre and poor things about the game.  It will be fun at first because its a new experience and exploring the cities is fun early on.  After a week or two you can ask these same people who are saying it is good and most of them will have stopped playing.  There is a reason they tried to put an embargo on reviews.  I think most players will end up quitting before they use up their 50 hours.

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$9.99 a month for a  somewhat limited selection of shows with ads is pretty pricey.  Especially when you consider that Netflix is available for about the same price, it has no ads, a good chunk of the shows Hulu offers on streaming, then a bunch of other stuff. 

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I was fine with John dying at the end, but the Jack thing didn't seem so great.  How did Abigail die?  Did they work the ranch?  Why/How/When did Jack turn into an outlaw?  If feels like they needed to give you a playable character after John died (so you can keep doing stuff) and they just picked Jack.  Not a lot of explanation is given and that's kind of unsatisfying for an ending.  It feels like it would have been better if they treated him dying as the end of the game, gave some final scenes about his family, and then just allow the player to continue playing as John in "free play mode."

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It's a silly model, pay a monthly fee and pat to purchase the games at full price.  On top of that, almost all their games are available on console, much cheaper if you are a savvy shopper.  I can understand not being computer savy and not wanting to pay the premium for a pre-built gaming machine.  However, consoles are $300 and less now, let you buy your games wherever you want, and have a better library. 
For something like this to work, it really needs to be pay a monthly fee, don't pay for the games.

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There doesn't seem to be a ton of reason to subscribe.  Xbox Live Gold is required for the online play, which is why people get it.  Everything else gold offers is value added to make people more willing to spend that money for the online play. 
PSN already offers the online play for free.  So it all boils down to how good a deal these free games are.  If they gives you a couple of games at a time and the games are recent, it could be a money saver.  You try out the PSN games before you buy them and only drop money on the best ones.  If it the free game period is short and it is only older games, no reason to waste money on it.

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There are lots of different kinds of alcohol, it has a rich cultural history to it.  There is a huge variety of beers, wines, and liquors.  In which you can probably find something you like.  Heck, studies have shown that a glass of red wine or a beer a day (dark beer is better) is actually good for you.  The key is enjoying it responsibly and in moderation.  You can't really enjoy your drink of choice if you are drunk out of your mind. 
For people who say they don't like beer, I encourage you to try some microbrews.  Bud, Miller, and Coors really aren't all that good.  If you try a few microbrews you may find something that suits your taste.  There are tons of different flavors and styles.  Personally, I am a fan of Great Lakes Brewery (Ohio), Dogfish head (Delaware), and Ommegang (New York.)
A good beer or glass of wine with your meal can make the whole experience better.

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Its a combination of wanting validation, stupidity, and marketing.  A big part of the whole Sega vs Nintendo thing was sega putting a lot of effort into marketing their stuff as "the cool console."  A lot of the developers encourage this fanboyism with their marketing and PR because crazy fanboys don't make rational decisions.  They pay $100+ for a LE version of a game that games with a bunch of stuff they'll likely never use.  The Wii gets a lot of hate because it doesn't appeal to some gamers, they are doing something new, and making a killing doing it.  People don't understand it and get jealous of its insane success.  Sony fanboys were super-aggressive because their console had a really rough start and they felt threatened.   PC users complain about games being dumbed down for console because they keep getting half-assed ports.  They actually have a legitimate gripe about a lot of developers treating the PC like crap, but it tends to turn into a general disdain for multiplatform games.

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" Everyone seems to be missing the point that Sony have been very shrewd here. They've essentially ensured Microsoft are now a "lone-wolf". All those Wii games are now coming to the PS3 but they ain't coming to XBOX 360. And chances are, if you own all consoles, you're going to be buying your Wii games on Playstation Move because of the stronger hardware.  Not to mention Move appears to have some of the features of Natal, aswell as being a more precise Wii Motion+, with its own augmented reality features. It's essentially a combination of three different "things"; some borrowed, some new. It's early days, and I sense Sony are yet to find their "killer-app", but like Brad says, I think there's potential here. "
Who is the market here?  Nintendo currently has a stranglehold on the "casuals" and I don't think this will break it.  Most of the major Wii games are first party, so they won't got to the PS3.  The third party shovelware will probably jump on board thinking that third party games don't sell on the wii and maybe they have a shot on the PS3.  The problem is most of these third party games don't sell because they are horrible.  Their niche feels like "hardcore" PS3 fanboys who want to try out the wii and play wii style games, but can't because their pride gets in the way.  The "hardcore" have spent a lot of time snubbing the wii and stigmatizing it.  This feels like a real hard sell to them. 
They are going to need to out-Nintendo Nintendo here.  The motion controller itself will probably end up better, it is newer technology and you pay more for it.  However, it will be the games that define it and Sony is going to need some absolutely killer first party apps to sell this.  I just don't see this selling to anyone, but a fraction of the existing PS3 owners.
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Looks like a pretty blatant Wii ripoff, down to the exact same mini-games from wii sports resort.  Doesn't seem like the smartest move since Nintendo has the experience and reputation in that area, plus the Wii still costs less than the PS3.  So far those trying to copy Nintendo's magic haven't been so successful.