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@cmac2099 said:
" What's with all the hate on this quick look? It doesn't take a genius to tell this isn't a great game. If you're going to charge people a subscription for something like this nowadays, you'd better make sure it  at least measures up to other stuff out there, and this clearly doesn't. There are free to play MMOs that seem more mechanically sound than this, which is saying a lot. "
Fanboys don't like hearing that their game is bad.
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@Demonstride said:
" No offense, but that game looks absolutely terrible. "
That's pretty accurate.  Its basically a TF2 rip-off that doesn't understand what made TF2 good (and fun.)  It will amuse most people for a few weeks.
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@lasersanchez said:
" I think I'd just dislike New Game+ because the game would be a little too easy. "
New game+ is pretty much made for playing insane mode.  Without it you are going to be seriously lacking in the tools necessary.  For example the flamethrower and level 4 warp are pretty much made to fight the vorcha and krogan.  Other than that, things seem to scale up to be appropriate for your level.
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I really don't understand how people keep running out of ammo.  Are they just spraying randomly, even on extended fire fights on insanity I never hit the situation where all my guns are empty.  Usually I'll empty out 1 gun type, maybe 2 at most.  After the fight I'll be back to full.

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@Jayross said:
" The charge ability is pretty dumb, it brings you to the middle of the action so you can get shot up, and its not even that effective. "
It is tricky to use right, but when you use it correctly you will cut a swath of destruction through the enemies.  You also need to level it up, fast.  Once leveled up, every time you charge you refill a massive portion of your shields.  You basically want to charge a cluster of 2-3 enemies (or 1 enemy if it is something like a krogan) and take them out as fast as possible.  Then duck behind cover, reload, and charge again.  Try to charge for isolated enemies or enemies in the back (the enemy is less likely to turn and fire on you if you charge past them.) 
Avoid charging Heavy Mechs, only charge things with shields and armor if you have the flamethrower.  It will melt stuff in seconds.
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Mass Effect 2 is very strong on the Role Playing elements.  It had a lot of choices and the options are much better in this game than previous Bioware games, the characters feel much deeper, and the environments/story are solid.  What ME2 drops is the stat/spreadsheet based gameplay that people have come to associate with RPGs.  Everything has been extremely streamlined.  Its replaced the weak stat based gameplay with superior 3rd person shooter mechanics.

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Witch Hearts are a really good buy, especially early.  The higher HP helps you get through levels with no items, which nets you an extra 5k points at the end. 
Technique wise, I found Breakdance and Stiletto are the two most useful.  Once you can buy them, all the shape change forms are very useful. 
Remember, do not be afraid to use yellow and red lollipops.  You should pick up enough bits to mix your own mega reds and mega yellows.  If you use these at key moments that you find hard they can save you points in the end and save you money on green lollipops.

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Why not ask all those people who bought Hellgate : London (Bill Roper even works for these guys!) lifetime subscriptions how it worked out for them?  LIfetime subscriptions aren't something you offer if you expect to make an MMO that keeps people playing.  Champions Online got boring after 2 weeks.  Cryptic hasn't been making good games lately.  $300 just seems like a poor deal, the only people it would make sense for is hardcore Star Trek fans.  Even then you could go buy the complete series of both the original Star Trek and The Next Generation on DVD for about that much.  The only game in the MMO genre a lifetime subscription would make sense for is WoW and they never offered one.  Most other MMOs are desolate within a year.

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If you have a really hard time vs Gracious and Glorious just drop a mega yellow lollipop.  It should last you long enough to kill them both.  You can probably make 3-4 of them from your collected items (if you haven't already.)

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@ryanwho said:
" You know what's even better than less obnoxious? Not at all. Darksiders didn't feel the need to include QTEs, you don't see anyone bemoaning their lack on inclusion. "
Different games have different merits.  In general Bayonetta was great.  The quick look of Darksiders just looked boring and bland.