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arabic / armenian cursewords like Khara Djej, Zabr Hmar, Kakess Guer, Eshol Esheg.

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Sorry, I can't help it

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Can't wait for HL2.

OpFor was just painful to watch

Blue Shart wasn't as bad as people were saying, or as bad as I remember it, but that's just relative to OpFor in shittiness.

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Dude I get scared playing STALKER, I wouldn't last a second in games dedicated in making people shit their pants.

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all the new battlefields post 2142. at this point i shouldnt be surprised anymore i guess. no soul, no tactics in those games anymore, just chaos.

Titanfall, no map/asset destruction in a game that features big lumbering robots.

Rome 2 TW

Saints Row 4

Tropico 4 and 5

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The silver red bull

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Good. The alpha had a lot of issues. The biggest being overall pacing of the game. I felt like I spent more time in the menus.

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I guess... but both of those games are holding it two-handed, which really seems to be missing the point.

Two handed pose reads better in first person games. Holding a gun up with one hand always looks weird (unless there are idle breaker animations (relax animations)), so animators tend to pose with both hands even with sidearms.

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@zevvion said:

TEC-9 was in the Matrix. As such, that was the year of the TEC-9 because it's one of my favorite movies ever made. Similarly, it was also the year of sunglasses, the year of coats, the year of slow motion, the year of green, the year of the computer, the year of the machine, the year of the pills, the year of the rabbit hole, the year of women in red dresses, the year of making oatmeal and pretending it is real-world food and so on and so on.

Are you talking about the lobby scene? If so I think those were Skorpions.