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Looks like he wants to get paid doing mock-reviews for devs during beta phase, like some reviewers have done over the years now.

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Yes. Upto that point I had never seen a game reuse as many (or few in this case) areas. At first it was perplexing but then turned into a joke when you revisited the same mine/foundry, called different things, in supposedly different areas, with cement blocks blocking doors to create different branching levels.

The developers are not at fault here, the publisher is for having pushed this game on them with such an absurdly strict deadline.

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If its really the same guy(s) taking down all these services, i hope he has lube for whats gonna be knocking at his door soon

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I have all the ships, Im a horrible spender. Im on board

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If you are into art direction and immersion, yes.

For purely gameplay purposes, maybe not.

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happy new year

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Hobbit 2 gets 7/10

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I got it day one, played like 2 hrs of Rivals, and went back to PC. Hasn't been on since.

Waiting on better exclusives I guess, otherwise there's not much going on.

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I was utterly disappointed with SimCity but at least found it playable and boring.

X Rebirth is just garbage, 100% let down.