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I would hate to generalize, but all of these mobas listed here do not really solve or add to the moba genre. I would say that all of these mobas uses their IPs in a poor matter just for the take of "let's make a moba guys!"

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Super Mario Sunshine and before everyone started to like The LoZ: Windwaker. *puts on hipster shades*

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@darkstalker: I will add you then if you are going to start playing soon. And we could just do bots if this is your first time playing~

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I have been trying to find some new players to play. I just recently got into dota and kinda want to have some friends playing rather than just random pug matches. So if you are new, feel free to add me!

My steam id is NekoKyoro

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@christaran: Careful with that comment, it seems many MTG people here will burn you at the stake!

But in all serious, I only play MTG with friends because playing competitively will cost more than the entirety of my student loans.

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@little_socrates: I apologize, I didn't understand at first what you were trying to say. But I question whether his statement is true or not. Whether the game actually uses methods to make a big comeback possible, instead of leaving it to actual randomness.

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@little_socrates: Are you saying that there should be a pattern to the randomization? Either that, I am completely confused by what you are trying to say.

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I think that randomness of the game is what makes it so fun. Like Mad Bomber, it may kill that 4/3 or it won't and just take out three of your health, I find that appealing. I cannot begin to tell you when I am playing MTG and being complete smashed by another opponent (by turn four) how much I really didn't want to play the game anymore. I still play MTG casually because it is fun at times and it offers a complexity that Hearthstone cannot achieve.

But hey, they are two different card games and I am happy that both exist. Plus I can play it on my I-pad before classes start and people seem generally interested whenever I play the game.

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All I need is my PC, 3DS, and Super Nintendo. There still hasn't been any point in buying a Xbox: One or a PS4 as of yet.

Probably won't be since I got back into playing WoW again.

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@joetom: I think you are right and possibly the only sane person here. I am just hoping that Facebook will not force integration into the Occulus Rift or risk their engineering aspect that makes the Occulus Rift so great.

Again, this is like super early news and time will tell of Facebook's true intentions with the Occulus Rift. Hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.