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Jazz Jackrabbit was one of my first and favorite action games. I don't know how much he wrote of the hilarious comic in the manual, but this humor always felt like Cliffy B to me. Fare thee well, Cliffy! Can't wait to see what you're up to next...

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This looks interesting to me mainly because this series tends to take itself very seriously (which I think has worked quite well for them) but its nice to see them playing around with a different tone.

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I propose a sub-vote in which we can choose from a proper smorgasbord of beard types.

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@Sarumarine said:

I was surprised to find lots of people still playing this game well after its release date,

For me, the reason I keep coming back to Dark Souls (I've done 4 separate character playthroughs on XBox, and 2 more so far on PC, which I know is just a drop in the bucket compared to many Souls players) is because there is so much depth and subtlety to its systems. Different weapon move sets and attack animations, unique armor properties, rings, attack spells, buffs, items, etc etc etc. I constantly want to try new playthroughs to spec my characters for whatever weapon/armor/spell set I want to try next. A game like Darksiders II or Diablo III doesn't offer nearly as much depth and subtlety in terms of the manifestations of those types of choices, since the differences are mostly simple changes in stats. Whereas in Dark Souls, picking a different weapon can substantially change the ways in which your character plays.

In terms of the difficulty, I find it continues to be satisfying with every play, even though I know all of the traps, surprises, and enemy/boss patterns. This is because they continue to demand a high level of discipline and skillful execution. You can't sleepwalk or buttonmash your way through the game, no matter how familiar you are with it, and so I'm constantly engaged while playing it.

I also love the equally substantive depth and subtlety in the story, lore, and environment design.

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Hey GB Community! My name is Abhaya, and I go by WashboardWarrior here because its a slightly less embarrassing version of my gamertag "WashboardAbs260", which I chose because it seemed really hilarious at the time, and actually still is (as evidenced by people's sarcastic reactions to it on XBox Live).

I play games. I'm somewhere between Core and Hardcore. Core plus? I also love playing tabletop games, having meaty intellectual debates, doing improv comedy, writing pretentious film reviews, and singing while I clean my apartment.

Thanks dudes and dudettes!