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I assume by 100% your talking about achievements or trophies.

It's very rare that I 100% a full retail game. If I'm not that into a game I'll try my best to beat it then drop it after that. Some games I'll go for 50% achievements (500 points generally) and then send it packing. Other games that I've liked a lot have had very hard achievements (Too Human) that I just wasn't able or willing to obtain although I thoroughly enjoyed the game itself.

Basically I agree with the sentiments of some of the above posters, I play until the game stops being fun.

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I've been playing the free to play iteration of Champions Online recently and they've done a really good job with it.

A lot of companies (Sony in particular with EQ2) just don't know how to balance it. Champions Online (a Cryptic Studios game) is done the right way. You can play the entire game from beginning to end without paying a cent (levels 1-40 and the significant end game content). Most people aren't going to go very long without buying some of the extra content (adventure packs, extra travel powers, etc) so in the end they do make their money.

I can't see free to play making it to the console market since the companies need their slice of the pie (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo) but it's definitely a viable path for PC games to take. Companies just need to learn to not be greedy and they can entice enough people to make their games profitable.

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This game is looking better and better every day. Just glad that it's at least coming out on 360 unlike it's second cousin Heavy Rain.

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One more comment among the hundreds already here... I've been listening to the Bombcast for a while now but just started regularly visiting the site.

I'd love to see a more consistent stream of text based news updates throughout the day so that I could make this site the only one I need to visit for videogame coverage -_-

The Bombcast is almost like a weekly news wrapup in itself so having another one on top of that would be a bit overkill.