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People view it as naive but I agree with Dan. Fuck the haters - capitalism rules. It has its glaring problems, sure, but there's never been a better social system in place throughout history.

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Chuckie Egg!

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Also, Jeff is in the starting areas, so..

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…Why isn’t Jason on the Bombcast every week?

The man is clearly excited and informed about a bunch of different games. Right now, he’s playing the hot new thing, Bloodborne, and has more prior experience with the Souls games than anyone else on the show. He's funny and charming, too.

Drew, on the other hand, whilst also funny and charming, barely plays a thing. This weekend, he has nothing to offer except for a mildly interesting bit about going to Mexico. Well…okay then. Don’t get me wrong, we should probably all be more like Drew in life. Ain’t nothing wrong with doin’ shit, gettin’ out into the world, and makin’ shit happen! I applaud him for that, and he’s always come across like an absolute gentleman and super nice duder at the same time. If I ever met Drew, I would want to buy him a pint.

But the fourth chair on the Bombcast? Ehh, I don’t know. His occasional quips and insights into weird, off-kilter stuff like flight sims is appreciated, but he should be fifth chair to Jason on fourth at best…and personally I think Rorie would be an even better sub most of the time.

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I have CT next on my list after I've finished Sunset Overdrive and Bayonetta 2. Thanks for reminding me that it's going to be awesome!

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So long, Scoopz!

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My god, there's some horribly dense people out there.

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There's times where I've been hesitant, but most people my age (early twenties) seem to get it more than older age groups. Sometimes I'll just say fuck it and talk about it if the conversation is going that way. If someone is a dick about it then, hey...I guess they're dicks?

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This may be unrelated to the reasons you feel so bad OP, but this can apply to anyone out there who might be in a similar situation. I'm talking about being unhealthy.

If you're fat--which many of us might know doesn't exactly fill you with confidence--go out there and fucking lose that shit. I've spent the last year of my life (whilst unemployed) trying to lose weight, and I've lost somewhere between 80-100lbs in that time. I've still got a few months' work left until my belly is totally cut from my body, but I know it will happen eventually if I keep up the work.

I'm finally starting a new job this month too, and with every stone I've lost over the last year I've felt that much more willing to go out and there and start dating again. I haven't yet, mainly because I'm stubborn and want to remove as much excess weight as I can before I venture out there, but boy howdy do I feel better for it. Some chick called me "hot" the other week--that's probably the first time in about four years.

So again, this may not be related to you OP, but to anyone else out there: get fit. Find exercise routines that work for you, stop eating so much shit and eat decent stuff..and sooner or later you'll be a thousand steps closer to being the person you really want to be.