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Welcome to Brizzzzol ! I'm not marked on the map but I'm very much here (in the city centre right now as I type)..and I have Rocket league. And can't stop playing it. Great to see GB numbers growing on my door step.

How are you settling in?

Cool, nice to meet you! I work right next to Temple Meads so we're probably within decent sniffing distance.

Things are good, ta. Only been here a few weeks at this point. Living in St Werburgh's at the mo.

I've had some serious RL shakes this week. PM me if you wanna get some rocket-based eSports goin' and/or fancy a beverage!

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I'm in Brighton. Let me know if your ever down this way or anyone else for that matter!

I've a friend in Brighton who I may visit soon enough. Always heard good things...

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Hey y'all. I recently moved to Bristol and was wondering if GB houses anyone else from round these parts?

It would be cool to meet up if so. Bonus points to anyone who has Rocket League as well... (I've left most of my gaming stuff back home for now.)


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@crembaw said:

Christ, these guys had more luck than most people who dream of making games will ever come close to having. They even had a successful Kickstarter to keep going when the government decided to pull out! Everything they've said and posted on Twitter since the studio's closure just reads like a couple hooligans up their own asses about their education level, both of whom severely lack any level of introspection or self-analysis.

There's a legit debate to be had about who gets, how groups distribute, or if there even should be government funding for the arts. But as far as I can tell, these guys only get mentioned because they made a few critical darlings. There's nothing exceptional about them other than their catastrophic meltdown, and they shouldn't be used as evidence for an argument suggesting there's a decline in government fund supply for the arts.


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Their games are obnoxious, boring, and nowhere near clever. Market dictates, etc.

edit: I recently watched Sunset being played on YT and it looks dreadful. It's just someone's meandering and shoddy ideas of what introspection is. It has nothing to say; it's more concerned with 'artfully' gazing at scenery than anything else.

They can bitch and about how games being a hostile space for artistic expression, but first they need to make actual compelling content that people want to engage with - no matter that audience's size.

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I can't even tell you how disappointed Destiny has been since day 1. Granted, I stopped playing after about 12 hours, but all the bullshit surrounding it (1000 different factions, vendors, blah blah), the MIND-NUMBINGLY boring combat scenarios (from the makers of Halo!!!), and the nickel-and-diming like this... it's all just so sad.

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Maybe I just don't want to know what's going to happen in the narrative ahead of time and would rather find out for myself! Especially if I'm going to watch it anyway! What's so wrong with that! I don't care about your 'discussion'! Ugh! F off!

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@thatpinguino said:

@washingmachine: @amyggen: I can't wait for the day when these sorts of pieces aren't necessary. But, given the largely positive response to this article when compared to the tenor of your usual game discussion on race, I think the article hit its mark and steered the discussion in a positive direction.

Maybe there's value in saying it to remind the people who commit those sins, I'll give you that. I just try not to engage with them - that's my solution.

Sure but if you don't challenging people who are being ignorant or disingenuous you allow their comments to stand as permissible. If I've learned anything from my years on blogging on GB its that the best way to elevate the discourse is to try to politely and intelligently engage others as best you can and let people know when they are out of line. I think it is a corollary to the knucklehead rule in basketball: every team can tolerate one knucklehead, but if you have two or more then they start hanging out and then you have a problem. I think rudeness and disingenuous arguments function the same way. One or two are fine; but, if you just allow them to go unexamined, then you get problems.

I get all that. I'm just pointing out that some people seem more interested in talking about why they're talking than actually talking, if you follow.