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@wonderva: That's not royalty free, that's Hulk Hogan's theme song Real American.

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The song playing while the guys talk about the conferences on the E3 2014: Day 01 Show Floor Highlights video is Sweetheart Swing. (one of my favorites) Also from the video is Day in the Sun, at this point when they go back to the War Room to talk about what they had seen.

Great Big Smile 2 is played when Patrick gets the taxi in the E3 2014: Coverage Uncovered video.

Mister Sunshine is played when Jeff is walking into the Disney booth in the E3 2014: John, John, John, and Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) RAW video.

What's Cookin is played when they start talking about Sony in the E3 2014: Day 00 Press Conferences Highlights video. (by the way, I'm looking for the third song they played during the Sony segment at 25:54, if anyone can help me out.)

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May I know if anyone here knows what's the song during the first half of the nintendo highlight from the 'Day 01 Show Floor Highlights' starting from patrick's yoshi segment? Thanks! =)

That is Dapper Dan. (seen here.)

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I hope you do another Divekick tournament, Flux. I really wanted to participate in this. Sucks that the one time I go to something on the weekend coincided with this tournament, but what can you do about it. I'm glad you decided to host this one, thanks for putting up with all the crap to organize it.

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Anyone who matches up with me, I'm available anytime. Pop into that Quakenet IRC link at the top of page 6, I'll be there.

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I'll join in. PSN: Wastrel628

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Oh, great. The company that published those fucking terrible Painkiller "sequels" and the mediocre Painkiller HD remake now owns the Darksiders and Red Faction IPs. Both look pretty fucked right now...

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That speedrun of Ocarina of Time is glorious. Entertaining and informative.

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I'm glad they decided to pump out mission content so soon after release, but I wonder how it's handled...they don't sound repeatable, but how do they give you one-off missions, especially if you've already beaten the campaign?

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I wonder what their offer was to Fish and co...I also wonder if they wonder why it didn't work.