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Posted by watchmen877

It took me a while but I finally got all 80 achievements in Saints Row!!!

Posted by ManU_Fan10ne


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@watchmen877: Is that with DLC? If so congratulations, I have done the same thing.

Posted by ShadowConqueror

I've done the same thing on three Xbox accounts and two Playstation accounts. Also, I'm blind and have no thumbs.

Posted by SexyToad

Bravo my sir!

Posted by _Chad

Nice! I did this a while ago. Some of those Genki ones are a pain in the ass especially the sky diving ones.

Posted by Hizang

@ChadMasterFlash: I found all of the DLC ones easy, it was the challenge list which was a huge pain.

Posted by _Chad
@Hizang: Yeah the toughest saints book challenge for me was one of the luchadore ones, I think it was killing the 50 specialists. I did it after completing the game and having taken over the whole city. It was done almost entirely through luchadore random attacks.
Posted by InternetCrab

I've done about 60 achievements. I can't really get into that game again.

Posted by Patchcoat

@watchmen877: You get a cookie...

Posted by StrainedEyes

Saints is a really easy S-Rank.

Posted by Grillbar

well you diddent really s rank it acording to the achivement page. your still needing to complete some dlc. and if you mean just S ranking the main game then well comgratz

but the game was kinda easy to S rank was it not.

the only one i had problems with was the hi-jack it since it requires you to highjack a luchadore car and do something but i had allready eliminated every gang so i had to run around finding 1 gang member then kite him back to a place that was allmost across the map without killing him. Then try and get the gang to come after me without loosing rep basically it took me 2 hours for something that would take 1min if i had not killed that gang

Posted by pekarn


I've done the same thing on three Xbox accounts and two Playstation accounts. Also, I'm blind and have no thumbs.

If you're blind how do you know you have no thumbs? Maybe you've just lost all feeling in your thumbs.

Posted by Demoskinos

Anyone S-Ranked PC version? They actually have extra acheivements on the PC one some of which are a pain in the ass to get. Mostly you have to complete ALL missions coop and all activities coop. =\

Posted by Apparatus_Unearth

Nice! I considered trying for that one because it DOES seem attainable.

Posted by AlianthaBerries

@pekarn: You can still feel with the rest of your body. Nice try though.

Posted by Getz

You have more patience than me; I simply refuse to do 100 wheelies, stoppies, car thefts, basejumping etc for one achievement. Just, no.

Posted by Evan223

The challenge I'm having the most problem with is the distance traveled through the windscreen, it seems to happen randomly and when it does I only go around 10 feet, any tips would be highly appreciated.