Posted by watchmen877

I just bought the Witcher 2 (360), and I was wondering if you guys had any tips for starting the game.

Posted by The_Laughing_Man

There is a tip thread here.  All of them are helpful. Give it a read. 

Posted by laserbolts

I played it on normal and it wasn't hard at all. If you die then just use some potions and oils and you will be good to go. Unless you are playing on the hard mode then I would probably read up on it.

Posted by musclerider

When in doubt run in circles shooting fireballs.

Posted by joshthebear

Have fun., it's a great game.

Posted by Humanity

Roll in combat all the time.

Try to roll behind enemies as backstab damage is pretty crazy.

I'd concentrate on a single skill tree as unlike other RPG's out there you don't get enough points to get everything by the time you reach max level. Upon hitting the levelcap you will have enough skill points to fill up one of the skill trees fully and have a few points left over (thats excluding the practice tree)

Make a save at the end of the first area where the story branches in case you want to go back and play the other route without having to do the entire tutorial and first part all over again.

The Light Light Heavy combo is pretty universal

Don't sweat potions or blade oils, on regular difficulty they aren't that important.

Other stuff you'll pick up along the way.