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This is without a doubt the single greatest TV show of all time!!! If you have never seen it before I think you should give it a try. If you have seen it whats your favorite quote, scene, episode, etc?

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I am really on the fence about this game. On the one hand it looks absolutely gorgeous, and I love the supernatural Victorian look of the game. On the other the gameplay seems really generic. I'm getting tired of games that have this great look, for example Destiny, and then shitting the bed in the content department. So is there anyone that is like super stoked for this game, or do you think it looks meh?

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So there are a few games that are coming out this, and I was curious what everyone is looking forward to playing? Personally I gotta go with Hotline Miami 2, The Phantom Pain, Halo 5, and the one I just can't wait for is The Arkham Knight.

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I really have to thank Dan Ryckert for getting me back into Giant Bomb. Towards the end of 2013 I was starting to lose interested not only in Giant Bomb, but in video games. Then I heard Vinny was moving away, so there was a couple months where I didn't visit Giant Bomb or play games. Then I heard they hired a new guy, and this sparked my curiosity. So I came back and I'm so glad I did. Dan got me and my friends to play Mario Party, we started playing Super Smash Bros., and he even got me to play through all the Metal Gear Solid games. So thanks again Dan you got me back into the world of video games.

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With the recent releases of Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones it got me thinking about what their next series should be. Now I have know idea about copyrights of what they could do, but I would really like a Star Wars game. There is so much lore they could use to make a pretty great game.

What are some other properties Telltale should do?

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Hey guys,

I have been thinking alot about getting a PS Vita, but I'm still a little on the fence. When I'm waiting for class to start I think it would keep me way more entertained then playing phone games or something like it. If you have one I would be really curious to hear what you think of it.

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Watch Dogs

Infamous Second Son

Hotline Miami 2

The Witcher 3

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeros

All these seem pretty good.

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Forza 5 is pretty good. It has a few really disappointing aspects to it, but I would say Assassins Creed IV is very good.

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Bioshock Infinite

I was sick of the combat by the end of the game. Other than that a near perfect game in my opinion.

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