My E3 Day 0 wrap up

E3 for me over the years has come all about the press conferences. I use to be able watch hours on hours of live coverage and would get excited every time I saw a hands on, first look or just a trailer of an upcoming game. Thought as I got older I became more interested in the business side of game industry making these small not as exciting. But I alway get excited for the press conferences. 

This year I was able to watch both the Microsoft and Sony press conference and was felt they where both a little lacking and big surprises. Granted since I more interested in the business end you usually come across stories about what these two companies are going to discuss in their press conference taking away any surprises. This year even if I didn’t read these stories I wouldn’t have been surprised at all. We all saw either the next crop of games that will have Move and Kinect support which for me just felt like time filler. I watch to see the new IPs and the game in my favorite series that will appear on this generation systems. I did not get any of that for the most part.

The only two games that keep my attention this year so far where Mass Effect 3 and Uncharted 3. They both look amazing and I truly invested in the characters and events of both of their stories. Theres not much to say about these game Mass Effect is Mass Effect and I know what to expect from the gameplay, decision making, relationship building, and armed conflict. Earth being the looking to be the main location make me excited and worried at the same time about the scope and scale of the game. I don’t want a Dragon Age 2 problem where I get bored with the location due to seem most of what the game has to offer in terms of landscape in the first couple hours. I would like that earth is just the first act of the game and then we get to go back out into space to see new worlds and races. Which I think is a very important aspect of the Mass Effect experience. I do have a feeling I’m going to be let down by Mass Effect 3 but I’m hoping that their holding things back to leave us some surprises when we finally get our hands on it. 

Now with Uncharted 3 I’m very excited to see some of my favorite characters again. I’m sure I’ll laugh by the writing of the game I did chuckle a bit just watching the trailer. With the Uncharted games I find their best experience in marathon session and I’m excited at the idea of spending an entire weekend playing through all three of them in a row. I’m always left wanting more from these games so I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one that I might have to play through the first two again soon just to refresh my mind on how great this series is.

Notable things for me to mention about E3 so far was the announcement of Halo 4 which got me a little excited I have to admit but it did leave me thinking that Microsoft really needs some first party developers to make some proper hardcore games from the system. Not having many first party’s leave few exclusives that then leaves me not as interested in the future of the platform. Sony today showed of their new handheld the PlayStation Vita and I wasn’t left very excited. I love my PSP and this just looks like more of the same which isn’t necessarily bad just since the handheld market has changed greatly over the years this system will probably repeat the same fate of the PSP. I also like how when a company would show off their multiplayer military shooter they made it clear that it was free to play online which is a apparent dig at the possible of having to play for Call of Duty online in the near future. 

Tomorrow is Nintendo’s turn to wow us and they just might. I have no clear idea of what there going to show besides their next generation console and most likely the upcoming Zelda. This leave me more excited then ever to see what their going to show. Nintendo can easy steal the show for me tomorrow with the two lack luster press conferences before it this can be another year for Nintendo at E3. Well I don’t want to speculate to greatly on what their going to do because I don’t want to be to hyped for it incase it not as breathtaking as I think it going to be. Tomorrow I will report back on my Nintendo and anything that I see worth talking about after the first day of E3 come to a conclusion.