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I'm over here on the BIg Island but the North Shore on Oahu is beautiful. The Waikiki beach is the classic but it's really just a very long beach. If you wander around the coast you can find a bunch of nice smaller beaches with less people.

Other than that go have a Loco Moco at some hole in the wall Hawaiian restaurant, drink some coconut milk straight from the shell, and if you are really adventurus you can attempt the stairway to heaven.


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I have a 4 year old macbook pro 13" with a core duo and the integrated intel graphics and it runs slow on any setting (10-15fps). Also changing the settings does not seem to make any negative impact on performance. I think the key is the graphics card.

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I would really appreciate one. I have an older computer and would like to see how it runs.

Thanks in advance.

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@chililili said:

Seriously fuck this man, I also like how his method supposedly stops aging yet he keeps on getting older... fuck all the new age hipster shit

Amen brother. This douche is constantly spouting his quantum mechanics new age crap. DO not support.

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Beautiful work, and our very own @taswell in attendance. Check the video @ the 2:57 marker. 
Ryan - show us what you got on the next happy hour!!

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Will with the shake weight - priceless

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"just let go and hit my clavs"

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Although I do like Klepek from the old 1up days. 5 people is a little much for a podcast but brad and vinny are indispensable. 
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I't's weird how people are so split on this game. I loved the first one (KZ2) but after playing COD the controles felt really sluggish and inaccurate. After playing this beta I am totally impressed. The controls still have weight but are responsive. The visuals are clearly unprecedented and best of all the weapons have a real impact and punch when you fire them.  
I'm looking forward to playing the final game.

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