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No, it doesn't suck 0

In the gaming community, there are certain games that can earn you a level of respect depending on whether you've played them. Case in of (I very much like your taste), Beyond Good and Evil (when can we get together), ICO (take me now, take me hard). Grabbed by the Ghoulies is not one of those games. Mention it in jest and you'll be treated to witty digs on how Rare started sucking ever since they released Taboo, or how GoldenEye was only good because Nintendo said to put in a multiplayer...

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Not without its charms 0

It’s refreshing to see a Japanese role playing game with ambition, whatever the result, because that’s what Yakuza is. To take the stale components of an aging genre and reinterpret them is an act to be applauded- the gameplay progression, combat, setting and direction all altered to the point that one could mistake the title to have more in common with Grand Theft Auto. Yet in many ways Yakuza represents ’s take on such an experience, despite the genre disparity. The caveat, however, is the wan...

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