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@mikehawk: Dunno...would it be the Rockside Rd. one? Are people planning on going or is the Melt plan falling apart before us. Can I say 6 or 7 so at least a time is out there. Not sure if that counts as 'early' as far what @joebillmatt said.

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27th at B Side sounds good to me. Also behind Melt for before or whatever. Excited!

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I'm in Brecksville which is just south of Cleveland. Definitely behind this idea. I know there's a bunch of different bars to choose from in Tremont if we're doing it in the Cleveland area.

Oh and a Saturday works best for me. I work laaaate on Fridays.

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I can't even comprehend. Such a loss.

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I always enjoy articles like this on GB but I should have known better than to look at the comments >.< I guess I'll run off with my feminist ideals and hang out with my cat or something.

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Can't wait to try it out!