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@Wampa1: You've come to a proper conclusion about this. Jones has been trying to get a future Berlin noir about a mute bartender searching for his business partner in a city of gangsters off the ground for a while now. That sounds like his love child project, considering how he's stated in interviews that it's his love letter to Blade Runner. Nobody was giving him money to make it so he's had the film shelved for some years now.

Also, dude is currently writing a biopic about Ian Fleming. I'm sure we'll see him taking advantage of budget prestige after this.

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Hahahahah. I'm not surprised that Purity Ring is claimed by all those genres. Music has such a long history that new movements pop up every year and then die relatively quickly, only to be dug up by some music nerd who starts injecting said scene into their own tunes. It's fantastic, and fantastically confusing.

Hell, dubstep is already at post-dubstep because the genre itself has been abandoned almost entirely by its pioneer scene because of the sudden club sound it's become.

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Vaporwave isn't really a genre exactly! It's kind've a name that has been given to a few artists working under tons of pseudonyms that have been releasing music for free that all in some way worships and satirizes the death of a specific kind of old commercialism as well as the rise of a new internet commercialism. It's largely a mood style rather than a "song" style. This style actually has a lot in common with screw music, which was a 90's movement of hip-hop remixing that slowed down the tempo and well, chopped and screwed with it.

Tinymixtapes has been writing some cool shit about vaporwave this year. It's a scene that got started this year and is likely going to die by the time we hit 2013, especially since most of its pioneers are retiring their vaporwave monikers within the next two months for different projects.

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In response to I can see exactly what he means, especially because of the artist's on the soundtrack. A favorite of mine, Sun Araw, contributes a few tracks too. A lot of those guys share some sounds with vaporwave, but they're exploring some different places. Whereas with vaporwave you get dudes running their cut tunes through youtube compressors to shred the music to hollow bits to make it sound like a bad 90's car commercial played on repeat during the break of your shitty VHS-taped copy of Heat, Sun Araw plays with these sounds from a perspective more akin to what Johnny Jewel does.

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Vaporwave is still pretty awesome though, and attaching it to Hotline Miami seems strangely appropriate regardless.

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@ILikePopCans: Man, every few seconds would be pretty rough. You'd be all having a nice dinner with a pal and there's Patrick's face rushing through your pasta, all whispering "Better in chuuuuuuunks."

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If you guys like the Sun Araw you should check On Patrol. The album sounds like Michael Mann directing Escape From New York.

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@Flacracker: I just thought I would jump in here to explain this, having understood the scene without having read the books. He drank the wine first because he was willing to sacrifice his own life to kill this character who I'm told is named Melisandre. How does this work? He couldn't just give her the wine. It would be assumed to have been poisoned. By drinking it himself he is showing her that the wine is fine, because why would he kill himself? That's the idea behind the trick. I admit it was done a bit clumsily and her drinking the wine became more a thing of honor rather than deceit (he wasn't that subtle with how he thrust himself around the table to share with her). The character key then that we learn here is not only was she able to resist the poison, but she was able to deduce that it had been poisoned at all. We know this looking at how she watched him knowingly rather than drinking the wine right away, waiting expectantly for him to show that he had indeed poisoned himself.

Extra bit. Poison is constantly referred to as a woman's weapon. I presume the writers were having a laugh showing how it couldn't hurt her.

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For starters, it needs another regular contributer. It would definitely help their situation immensely if they could find someone to run the site with Rorie in office. And by run the site I mean be a second personality. Until then I think that the root of our complaints is in their lack of people running the damn thing.

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@Barrock: Not just the last copy, but one he was saving for his Mom. Man.

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Wouldn't this thread be more fun if we actually talked about what we drink?

I just got myself a bottle of Root and it's super tasty stuff if you like the idea of liquor that's full of awesome spices and lives off of being an old fashioned birch bark drink. http://www.artintheage.com/spirits-aita/

I also just scored myself a bottle of Dogfish Head's Bitches Brew which is three parts stout, one part honey beer. I haven't tried it yet because I'm waiting until Wednesday to crack it open with a friend, but I've heard it's pretty tasty.