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Posted by mustafa123

1) Skyrim is such a disappointment. It is so much worse than Oblivion or Morrowind (and Morrowind was UNPLAYABLE). The skill point system sucks, the main quest lines are short and stupid, its glitchy as shit, and the melee combat is totally useless. Its the poor man's version of Oblivion.

2) Deus Ex is boring. The controls are floaty as hell. Such a boring and unenjoyable game.

3) Saints Row, another boring and stupid game. The only new addition is the dildos. If you're five, this matters. If you're a sane adult, then it is childish and stupid. The game just sucks.

4) Batman? I didn't care about Batman since I was 5.

5) Racing games suck. They are all the same, and cars are just boring. The technology employed is just watered down military technology, but that's another argument for another time. Racing games and cars in general are just boring.

6) Bastion? Small budget games suck. People just feel better on the inside when they play small budget games because they feel like they're giving to charity. Bottom line, anything with a small budget is for losers, stay away from those games.

7) Dark souls? Japanese games sucked since Red version of Pokemon.

8) Battlefield three is okay. It is rude to Russia, and the premise sucks, but whatever. It is okay.

9) Gears of war sucks. It is boring and for people who don't care about computer gaming.

10) FIFA! Sports games are boring. Again they're something people who don't give a shit abut computer gaming.

WHERE THE HELL IS OBLIVION AND WORLD OF WARCRAFT VANILLA? Like Kim Il-Sung is the eternal president of North Korea, Oblivion and World of Warcraft Vanilla are the eternal games of the year. Every year, nothing can beat them.