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I would really, really recommend not using 's/he' because it's a common way of attacking trans people by implying that they're 'faking' or 'not real'.

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Holy lord what has this thread turned into? Jeff hired the best people for the job. They just happen to be white dudes. It is not a big deal. If it were a woman or someone not white who were most qualified for the job, I'm sure they would have gotten it. People who make a big deal about these things are half of the damn problem.

Evidently you're not allowed to hire the best people for the job if those people are white males. That's insensitive and does not support diversity!

That's a pretty dumb misrepresentation of what people are unhappy about. No one is saying Dan and Jason aren't qualified and that they won't work well on the site. From what I've seen (heard, technically) of Dan on the Powerbombcast he seems like a cool guy, but you're treating 'diversity' and 'qualifications' as though they're two ends of the same axis which is supremely fucked up.

e: To be extra blatantly clear, no one is saying that Jeff is some racist, sexist monster for doing this. He's a great guy and I'm sure he made his choices based on who he thought would work best. I haven't even seen anyone angry about this, just kinda sad because this is the same sort of thing that happens all the time.

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In reference to the Maddy Myers piece, General Ironicus wrote a pretty good article about PewDiePie a few years ago that has a pretty good explanation of why he's so popular nestled inside (it's not what the whole article is about, mind you):

The fact remains that millions of people dig this stuff, and after a bit of reflection I think I have an idea why. His childish persona is the secret. His fans are admitted kids, just entering the period where they first face responsibility and consequences for their actions. That’s a pretty rough time in life. Meanwhile the little box in the corner shows a guy who can do whatever the fuck he wants and nothing happens. He screeches like a banshee with its balls in a vise but mom never tells him to turn the racket down. He can tell people something’s a joke even when it isn’t and they still laugh anyway.

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@video_game_king: The Aevee one has been mentioned, but Vice Games is a parody account of one of the Vice twitter accounts. It's a non-sequitur, so if you're confused it mostly did it's job. Personally, I'm a little sad knowing it's just a spoof headline and not reality. Such a beautiful reality it would be.

The Hecker one means that he feels bad for people who can't program and can only interact with computers in the ways that others design. He's saying that because he can program he can change the way he interacts with computers on his own terms (via programming). It comes off a bit elitist, but I can see what he means by it.

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FF14 announced theirs: http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/pr/blog/000692.html

Today we'll be discussing the upcoming "Favour" system! This new system will allow adventurers to grow even closer to their favorite NPCs. Have you held out hope that one day Minfilia will look your way for longer than a cutscene? Or perhaps you offer gifts to Merlwyb to try and win her over? Well, that's what the Favour system is for!

But wait, it's still March 31st! (Not in Japan.)

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Err. Are the videos all pointing to the same video or is it just me?

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Oh, cool. Another woman raped and murdered to further the revenge story of a man. Gosh, where have I seen this before?

I'd say fuck you, Kojima, but you did save me 50 bucks.

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Did anyone else have an issue where the climbing section broke on the Titan? Dude shows up and starts shooting arrows, but neither the controller nor my keyboard could climb in a straight line. I could only go diagonally and only in one direction so I eventually wound up stuck against the edge. I could keep dodging arrows, but it was impossible to actually get up so the game kept focusing the camera saying 'hey, go up here' and I fucking couldn't. That also sadly tells me that this game will continue the seriously annoying trend of spending 5-10 seconds going HEY DO THIS THING.

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@patrickklepek Oh, by the way you've got a small typo shortly after the video trailer:

"When Inside Star-filled Sky went on sale," should be "When Inside a Star-filled Sky went on sale,"

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Only an economist who studies how people buy, what people buy, and the psychology of buying could tell you if 'sale prices' are BAD. This is a bigger and far more complex subject than what most people think. It might sound horrible, but an indie game developer doesn't know a damn thing about how people think about purchases and how the econimcs of 'what people spend on entertainment products' works.

You can say, "If people buy stuff they never play, that is bad for them and for gaming" until you are blue in the face. Because UNLESS you can

prove it is bad

, its just words without any backing.

I dare Jason Rohrer to take teh next six moths off talking to economists and psychologists that rigorously study people's buying habits and PROVE sales prices/sale periods are bad. I bet he can't. I bet nobody studying these subjects would agree with him or could poke holes in his arguments because he just done't understand how/why people buy things.

That's not the argument he's making. He's not saying that all these sales are leading to the moral corruption of ARE CHILDREN. What's he saying is that we're being 'tricked' (in a very loose sense of the word) into buying things we don't want because they're super cheap.

I recently found out that my Steam library is valued at around 5 grand (jesus christ), and I have a folder I called Steam Sale because they were games I bought for a buck or two or five and have never played (once I play them I kick them into a different section based on what the game is). Some of the games in that folder I bought 2+ years ago and I don't know if I'll ever play them. How much money does that actually cost me? Who knows, I'm not going to look it up. If there was a magical 'give me what I paid' button I'd probably use it on 90% of those games.

What Rohrer is saying is that he wants to institute a pricing system that means that people won't buy the game unless they genuinely want to play the game. He's not arguing that it's better for players (or even him financially) to have to spend more on games, but rather that he feels slimy in taking people's money for something they won't actually play just because we're wired to want things cheaper.