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A Car, to represent Ridge Racer or Gran Turismo...

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Wasn't there a map that got "leaked"?

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25, for me

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There was similar rumors when the PS3 was about to be released. Every site was reporting that SONY had some technology that could lock out used/pirated games. If I can remember correctly, they were rumors that you wouldn't even be able to play a friends copy of the game because every system would "lock" the disc. If the industry didn't do it then, I don't see them doing it now. Besides all that, I'm pretty sure Gamestop would plead as much as possible to Microsoft to allow xbox to play used games. They are a huge part of the video game industry wether we like them or not.

Kinect 2 doesn't surprise me, Kinect is successful for MS, and even at this point they might be in too deep already to just drop it completely. At the least I would hope Kinect 2 is bundled with the new system. It would suck if everyone had to buy another kinect device.

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For me, it was in the first Mass Effect when you make "the choice". Especially since I felt my decision didn't make a huge difference in ME2.

As for other types of entertainment...

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@DarkGamerOO7: Your right. Remember Neil Patrick Harris being the host and then winning the best Voice Acting award? I wasn't even upset, it was like how they gave him the award. It had that "we're just giving this away" kinda feel. He even made a joke about it if I remember.

@alternate: I was kinda thinking that, it's a shame it has to come to that. There's two guys from Wired, one of those could've been Adam!

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Seriously, why is Adam Sessler not there, or anyone from G4? I'm not a huge G4 fan personally but I think someone from them should be on the judges list.

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Who's on the 5 dollar bill? Lincoln.

That's right...

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obviously it would have to be luchadeer.com

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The sky makes the shape of a bat!

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