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#1 Posted by Weatherman (29 posts) -

God damn it :(

It's fuckin' tragic to lose someone so full of life, laughter and love...and so inspirational to so many people.

You will be missed, Ryan. Heart goes out to every single one of your family and friends.

Much love.

Rest in peace, big guy :)

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I need help with a small tech question.

Is there a way to see some kind of list of every single one of the wireless networks I've connected to since getting my Vista laptop?
Maybe with the names of the networks and the dates on which I connected to them.

Thanks in advance.

#3 Posted by Weatherman (29 posts) -

I don't think guns should be banned at all.
Obviously, certain background checks should be done when a person tries to buy a gun - mental history, criminal history and so on.
The bad element of society will always find a way to get their dirty little hands on guns, so the average citizen should  be able to protect himself , too.
Also, Chicago has the strictest gun control around - you just can't have one. How much more strict can it get, right ? And it has one of the highest gun crime levels in the whole country. 
Gun control doesn't  work.
Also, guns are fun to shoot.

#4 Posted by Weatherman (29 posts) -

yaay...I like getting some new Mass Effect 2 stuff..
the wait for the good stuff is always excruciating  , though .

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I'll give it a go when it comes out, i guess :/

#6 Posted by Weatherman (29 posts) -

yaaay, i suppose :P

#7 Edited by Weatherman (29 posts) -

looks cool enough :))

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I heard this a few days ago and yes, it's a complete disgrace. Disrespectful to the families of those who died and all that.
And you know that the first service they have in there would start something like :" was terrible what happened , buuuuuuuut...."
An absolute disgrace, I say :)

#10 Posted by Weatherman (29 posts) -

I call them "undesirables" , is that good enough ?
I also call midgets "kickables" ... nothing wrong with that :)

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