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As I just bought Skyrim, I need help and i havent yet found a forum on such an obvious question.... What Race seems to be the best and what is the best thing to specialize in (Archery, Sword n Shield, dual sword, magic and sword) Thanks Guys

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i have been playing mk 9 for the last month i would say, and this is the first mk game i have ever played.. when i choose characters online in a fight, i always hide cursor, wait for them to select a character and find a character that i feel can counter them... (I.E  subzero to counter liu kang because he can set an ice clone to counter air kick attacks and slow his kombos down with his freezing abillities).. does anyone else believe in this and if so what character do you use to counter other characters 

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never played.. is it good for 2 players on the same team

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thanks for your input, now seriously what are games good for 2 players

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what do you guys think is the best game for two people to run house in multiplayer... halo 3, army of 2 etc

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what games will be in summer of arcade and or what arcade games will be released at e3

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Are their any good mmo's out there and also are their any mmo's that you dont have to pay monthly for?

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alright appreciate the help guys

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thanks,,, im not the lying type so would you guys reccomend getting a whole new one or try having xbox replace the gfx card?

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Yesterday i was playing xbox and after about 10 minutes my color turned purple/red/ all kinds of distorted colors.... i changed monitors, did not
work..... restarted xbox same thing happened after 10 minutes(Roughly).... Tried today same problem.... anyone have this problem or hear of it
i dont think it is the cords either,

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