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Does Nintendo sill sell the LAN adapter? I don't see it on store.nintendo.com.

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What really irks me is that they are still selling the digital version on PSN. That's sends a horrible message. "Hey, you can't have the free thing. What I can do is sell you this $50 upgrade to the free thing that you were suppose to get and you can play right now."

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For those that do have it working, how does it play with the controller? I don't have a Kinect.

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@vuud: Thanks! Those worked when zooming in 175-250%.

I hope Nintendo releases some more official ones like that.

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Has anyone seen any social stuff lately? I fired it up for the first time after Freedom Cry coming out and sailed around as Edward for about an hour and haven't seen anything. Does stuff only show during an active mission?

Also, has the over 100 friend list thing been fixed yet?

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@jamesjeux007: Did you need to invest that much time in order to complete the story and unlock all the bonuses? Are the bonuses worth pursuing?

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Edit 12/5: Since Uplay does not support more than 99 active friends and pending requests, I'm going to deny future requests until that gets fixed. Otherwise, I can't access any of the social features in AC4. If we were friends and I deleted you, sorry. Nothing personal -- I just want AC4 to work properly.

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This is also my first Assassin's Creed experience of an significance and I'm loving the hell out of it.

I've been having a tough time with ship battles myself. "Raise the Black Flag" took me a good 10 attempts. I also can't figure out what weapons are worth buying. Are stats surfaced somewhere?

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