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Sounds good, but I'll be at work unfortunately, so I'll miss any shenanigans that result from the migration.

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Pretty sweet jacket, VinBro

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A shout-out to the Belfry Gargoyles.

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This is the year Giant Bomb goes global you guys. I can't wait to see what nonsense they get up to in the Lang Zone.

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Welcome to the Bomb, friend. We're a fun bunch, much smaller too. As always I like to extend an offer to watch some of my favourite content from the site, just to get you started off. I'll only post a couple videos so others can get in on this if they'd like to.

Wipe-out: The Game

And it was a toss up between Too Human and How to Build a Bomb, but I think Too Human gives you a really good feel for what this dumb website is about.

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I like Brad a lot. He's got different perspectives from the rest of the crew, and I always appreciate his teachable moments. The only thing I don't like is his style of gaming. It's frustrating to watch him flub over and over again on sections of a game he should have a handle on. The swearing makes up for that I guess. Ryan summed it up best: Skip to 3:48.

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I still have to get through the game the first time. But I'm definitely going to go through it one more time on the PS3, and at least 2 more times on PC.

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@xite: The Gungas? The Gungans?

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