Most Anticipated Games of 2010

Hey there GB Community, just thought I would post a short list (as I have nothing better to do) of about 10 games or so that I am most looking forward to playing in this futuristic year of 2010.
So here is my list - OF THE FUTURE!

List items

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This list is cool and all, but silver is for pussies and old women. 
You know who likes gold?  
Mr. T.  
There's proof which version is manlier, right there.

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Well, good for Mr. T. I just happened to come across this version before Gold. It's the only reason I want that one over Gold.

Posted by MikkaQ

Well I imported the japanese silver one first, and still found gold to be better mainly because of how pimped out gold things are comparatively.  
Though in all seriousness, if it's a remake, play through the one you didn't play through the first time. Different pokemans will change it up. I'm totally making a run on both of those though. Maybe simultaneously, like wait till I get to the same badges for my other game to catch up and shit. That'll be so gangsta.