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Team Name: GFQ Gaming

Tag: GFQ

Bracket: Low

Name: WeepingWillow [Captain]

Position: Support

Wins: 25

Region: US East

Favorite Hero: Undying

Name: Ese51

Position: Carry

Wins: 89

Region: US East

Favorite Hero: Riki

Name: Colm

Position: Carry

Wins: 83

Region: US East

Favorite Hero: Phantom Assassin

Name: Sworen

Position: Carry/Support

Wins: 56

Region: US East

Favorite Hero: Invoker

Name: Clay Bones

Position: Support

Wins: 95

Region: US East

Favorite Hero: Veno

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Great videos. Very much enjoy these.


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The Duke is no joke.

Also, WTB friends who play this game.

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I think it's pretty cool how much the strategy and tactics go into a high score.

Takes a bit to crack the "must hit 100% of the notes" mentality of the previous Rock band games.

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I've been using the "Bandmate" overdrive, Bomb, and instrument enhancer.

My strategy is to focus on powering up all the lanes, but switching for bomb notes, and energy which I deploy the Bandmate on the instrument track that have I have the enhance power up on.

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Looks pretty awesome!

I'll give it a try tonight.

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@MooseyMcMan: These usually go up around 12:00 Pacific.

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I've got 4/11 and I'm finding more that (I think) should work, that don't instead of ones that actually do.

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@Count_Zero: Thanks for the tip!


And now I have Katy perry stuck in my head. Thanks GiantBomb.

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Stumped on the "mayor".