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Here is the thread. Good call. Ill take a peek tomorrow and dive in. Ill keep an eye here too to see what happens.

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Someone close to you having died definitely makes you feel more mortal than you did prior to it happening.

Who knows if it was health related or not. I miss himself just as much in either instance. I know that I want to lead a more healthy lifestyle. This may not be a good place to do it in light of the situation and am willing to take this offline or somewhere more appropriate if that's what folks want.

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@gregispurple: This sounds great. While everyone needs personal reasons and an ongoing why this is a good kick in the pants.

I'm 5' 11" tall and weigh in at 260lb. I will commit to updates here on my progress on whatever interval that is decided on. I need to be healthier for my family and for myself.

Accountability is key and this is a great place for it if we can get a good deal of community buy-in.

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I found out at work and it was a terrible afternoon after that. I held it all until I was alone in my bed with the AC on loud and cried and hoped my wife couldn't hear. I felt better after that and again after the Bombcast but the last minute nearly had me losing it again at a stoplight.

I don't really cry. Ryan really made an imprint on me as does everyone on the Bombcast. I cried over the loss ofy Tuesday buddy who was so much more to many people. You'll always be in our hearts.

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I've heard of folks mentioning pictures and such on twitter. Are they tagged with a hashtag at all much like a twitter version of people's fond memories of him?

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I'm online all the time anyhow so that's not an issue for me but I do like to use GameFly for those down times when i'm short of big titles to play. If they use the always on feature to remove the ability to play used games then that will probably be a deal-breaker.

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The longer the better. When this is over the quality of my podcasts choices drops dramatically.

Also - it is a probably known fact...

Those that say 'it's too long' probably have it too short...

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As I've said elsewhere, for $60 I got a nice double-edge safety razor, a pack of razors, a badger hair brush, a mixing mug, non-glycerin shaving soap, and a stand for the brush/razor. That's literally all I'll ever need to shave for the rest of my life. That's a far cry from $225 and it's guaranteed to produce better shaves for a longer period of time than any electric razor.

Oh I know that you can get in on the cheap. There are shaving sets that come with all of that which may be what you were describing. Personally, I tend to go for higher-end products which is my downfall. Hence the inflated prices.

Merkur 38c Long Barrell ($55)

Blade sampler ($15)

SOA Boar Brush ($45)

Chrome Stand ($15)

Black Porcelin Mug ($37)

Proraso Shaving Cream ($15)

Tabac Shaving Soap ($20)

This is excluding the pre/post shaving lotions and aftershave which made up the rest of the dough. I know I don't need all of this and I know that I don't need both soap and cream but that is the level i'd be looking to get in at with the variety that i'd desire.

The only reason I brought up the electric was because a buddy of mine bought one today. I've never really used an electric. I'm still on the fence with it all. I have a pack of cartridges left so I have a while before I have to reload.


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Sony marketing needs to get on this fucking STAT and make it their new Ad campaign. Could single handedly save the vita

His friend could also single handedly deal with his urges...

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How many of you played the first one? A real dick-nailer huh? I played it because it was so hard and such a grind. I value my completed cartridge quite a bit!

I have noticed that as the series numerically progresses it is getting pussified. They added auto-attack and floor-filling plus made it easier to get back to town in 2 and added auto-play features and a fecking boat in 3. I have stayed away from the demo for 4 and now it's in the mail...should be here shortly.

I played this series because it reminded me of old hardcore games where you made your map and were proud of yourself to complete. Do you think that they're making this game (and/or games in general) too easy? Games have yellow lines from start to finish now for jebus much easier can it get?


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