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@spoonman671: Should note that in the books Theon is presumed killed and returns a whole book later as Reek, and it's pretty great.

Was really bummed out the way the show handled that whole arc, taking away any suspense or surprise at his 'rebirth'.

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I haven't tried any Chalice Dungeons or summoning yet, but I think the Soul series really wasn't designed for co-op play in a traditional sense (getting together with several friends and playing together for a long session). Rather, the game is designed for you to summon strangers to help you with an immediate problem you are facing.

Hell, maybe there's totally a way you can do that stuff. But I wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't.

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Love it!

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I'm playing through the series in chronological order (MGS3, Peace Walker, Ground Zeroes, Phantom Pain, Metal Gear 1, MGS, MGS2, MGS4) and I'm enjoying it immensely!

I'd already played through the series in order of release some years ago, so I'm not missing a lot of the story beats.

Also it's lead me to realise that Peace Walker was probably my favourite Metal Gear Solid title so far. I hope Phantom Pain expands on the base building / squad training aspects of Peace Walker!

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Peace Walker was hands down my favourite Metal Gear game.
It's like Metal Gear mixed with XCOM. It's awesome. The story, however, isn't amazing.
It doesn't do a whole lot to fill in a hole in Big Boss' story or anything.
Play it!

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@kebrel: I decided to experience the series in it's entirety a couple years back and was not dissapointed. You can definitely play these games on their own, but if you dig up a copy of 1 and start at the beginning you will really get the most out of it. I've grown very attached to the cast of oddball shirtless, manly yakuza that star in these games. Seeing how the actual gameplay grows as the series progresses is a treat too.

I'd say go for it! You won't be dissapointed by this amazing series.

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My God. Me and a friend have played through the entire series together and we can finally continue our Yakuza run!

Fucking amazing news. So happy.

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Me and a buddy once took a leap into the world of Yakuza, playing them all in numbered order.

And we learned to love it. I *HIGHLY* recommend digging out your PS2 and playing Yakuza 1 and 2 before stepping over to PS3 and playing 3 and 4.
It has a Persona-esque quality to it in that you learn to love the characters as you get to hang out with them more and more and learn more about them.

I went ahead and bought 5 while I still lived in Japan, but my reading is simply not up to snuff to that text-heavy game. We were super bummed out because it's absolutely the best game in the series.
I can still dream of 5 and 0 being translated... Right?

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