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Oh good, a thread about review scores for a major release. People reinforcing their preconceived notions ITT.

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Depends on the carrots. Some just need a wash and scrub, some (generally larger/tougher ones) should be peeled before eating or using in a dish.

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I'm the kitchen manager at a predominantly vegetarian restaurant, so suppose I may be able to be of some help?

What kind of food are you into? Cuisines/ethnicities? How would you rate your skill level when it comes to cooking and experience in the kitchen? You have a ton of options available to you, but it's probably best to start with what you're at least somewhat familiar with so it doesn't become overwhelming. If you let me know, I'll do my best to hook you up with some basic suggestions/tips/recipes/whatever!

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How is this a question?

Yes. It's far too late to be pushed. Disks are probably already pressed.

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M E T S.

Whew. I can resume breathing.

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I'm surprised (though guess I shouldn't be) at the amount of "this level is bullshit!" grousing/attempts to spoil/complaining/whatever that's going on. It's all in good fun, Patrick and Dan are clearly having fun with it. We get free content, and a good charity is going to end up with a nice chunk of change. Lighten up, ya'll.

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I work with a lot of people who I often have to speak to quick in person. "Duder" has slowly creeped in to replace "buddy" much of the time (I had inherited "buddy" from some of previous cooks).

"Hot garbage" definitely gets thrown around, interesting to see so many other people have picked it up.

"Broken,"or at least the parlance of it - i.e. "that shit is broken" in the way of Jeff or Ryan gets thrown around a lot. I'm sure there's at least a couple more examples than this..

On a somewhat related note, I feel I've gotten better about listening to people and then forming a response by listening to the duders so much - Drew and Vinny are especially good in this regard. Austin as well.

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Nothing comes close to this for me.

For some reason, the QL for Wipeout 2 definitely sticks out in my mind more. Probably because of Ryan and Vinny coming back, plus Kinect nonsense. Definitely one of my favorites.

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Here's hoping for an Unprofessional Thursday appearance!