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Definitely one of my top long-form Jeff stories.

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Wrapping meat in plastic for freezing..

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Random, all the way.

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A terrible cook and a culinary travesty. Good riddance. She'll still likely retire a millionaire.

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Update: this seems to be fixed now. Thanks, Duders!

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Is there any chance for an update on this? I'm still having the same crash bug on the main page.

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Yeah, I'm having the same issue with a 4th gen Touch, happens in both Safari and Chrome. It's a real bummer, as with two small kids it's how I (unfortunately) do much of my browsing. Hope it gets fixed soon!

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I was around halfway or so through chapter 4 (on the 360), with no problems so far. Booted it up last night, resumed my save as normal. Then...chapter 1 started playing? "Huh, weird" I thought. Exited out, went to resume again and...my save had reset to the beginning of the first chapter. Hadn't even thought about saving in multiple slots or anything. UGH.


I'm pretty sure I'm just boned, but is there any chance I might not be? Someone say otherwise! God dammit.

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Yeah, I live in the NE (Ithaca, too!) and have had the same problem. Only noticed it over the last day or so, though. Thought it might be better over my wired Roku connection, but nope. Glad I checked here next!